The Cavaliers Sucked Because LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas Hated Each Other

We already knew that the Cleveland Cavaliers were a bad team with LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas on the court together.

Thomas's unhappy, borderline disastrous and mercifully short spell with the Cavaliers ended on February 8 when he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers before the trade deadline. The former Boston Celtics point guard didn't come close to reproducing his scoring form from last season with his new team, and contributed to Cleveland's terrible defensive efficiency. How badly Thomas was still affected by his hip injury we will probably never know, but the Cavaliers pulled the pin on the experiment ten days ago and ended up with half a new team of younger, more athletic players.

Their chutzpah seems to have been rewarded so far. The Cavaliers' new-look lineup won its second straight game on Tuesday, outlasting the talent-laden Oklahoma City Thunder. George Hill, who has replaced Thomas as Cleveland's starting point guard, already looks a better fit for what the team needs from that position. The NBA is a cold business and Thomas now has to try and find a niche on a Lakers team that already has a franchise point guard in Lonzo Ball.

There may have been more to James and Thomas's evident lack of synergy than met the eye. Appearing on Fox Sports 1 on Tuesday, NBA analyst Chris Broussard reported that Thomas never got on with the future Hall of Famer.

"I was talking to somebody yesterday close to Isaiah, and they said he has absolutely no love at all for LeBron, like this is real," Broussard told Undisputed on Fox via New England Sports Network. "He felt like LeBron kind of talked down to him when he was there and so on and so forth. And when Isaiah first got [to the Cavaliers] they actually were hanging out a little bit and it was cool, but it soured pretty quickly."

The Cavaliers moved on pretty quickly from Thomas. The rancor from the biggest trade of the summer of 2017 is unlikely to dissipate anywhere near as fast.