CCTV Captures Moment a Bear Tries to Fight a Woman and Her Dog

A woman's security camera captured the moment a defensive mother black bear tried to fight her. The incident occurred in the woman's front yard in Manitoba, Canada on Saturday as she was playing with her dog.

Diane Fillion's security camera recorded the incident and shows her come into the frame waving a large stick. The video then shows her dog run directly past her followed by a large bear. The bear then directs its attention to Fillion and knocks her down. After thrashing the stick at the bear, she was able to get back on her feet while also keeping hold of the stick. The bear then ran back into the yard and climbed into a tree.

"I thought I had tripped, and then we pulled our security cameras and then we realized no, the bear actually hit me," Fillion told CTV News.

In recent months, Manitoba has seen an increase in black bear sightings and encounters. Pauline Bloom, a wildlife biologist in Manitoba explained to CTV that the increase in sightings is due largely in part to the lack of rain in the province.

"There's a lot less water on the landscape for bears to access, so they're out on the land looking for permanent sources of water," she told CTV, "and they're also looking for food."

Fillion explained that everything happened in rapid succession as she was playing with her dog in the yard. She said her dog spotted one of the cubs and put it in a tree in the yard. That's when the mother bear made eye contact with Fillion. Almost immediately the large bear started running toward Fillion with three cubs behind her.

"We've got myself and my dog and three bears all looking at each other," Fillion explained to CTV News. "The dog put one of the cubs in the tree, and then the mom came after my dog, and the fight started."

She told CTV News that after she saw the bear she slowly backed out of the yard making a lot of noise. She then picked up the giant stick to appear larger to the bear. After the bears ran into the tree, Fillion contacted Manitoba Conservation to assess the situation. They recommended waiting for the mother bear and her cubs to leave the area. After some time, that is exactly what happened. Fillion escaped the bear attack with only a few bruises but knows her outcome could have been much worse.

Experts suggest that if a situation occurs where you encounter a bear, you should stay calm and try to walk away. Black bears can sprint at speeds up to 35 mph and are agile climbers and swimmers, so it is not recommended to attempt to outrun them. To avoid a defensive bear, you should avoid being seen as a threat.

Bloom also suggested placing garbage bins inside a garage and removing bird feeders in the summer to avoid hungry bears if you live in a heavily forested area.

Mother bear fights Manitoba woman
A woman in Manitoba, Canada, had a scary encounter after a mother black bear charged toward her in her own yard. The bear knocked her to the ground but escaped with minor injuries. dssimages/Getty Images