All Hands on Deck in Georgia | Opinion

I'm on my way to the Peach State this week to hold rallies and go door to door in support of U.S. Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. In what is a unique situation, both Georgia Senate seats will be determined in a runoff election to be held January 5.

There is no way to overstate the need for Republicans to hold onto the Senate for the next two years. Absent the Senate, there may not be a way to reverse what would be a certain and aggressive turn toward socialism should the Democrats control both legislative chambers and the executive branch.

I can already hear some readers shouting as they read this, "Charlie, you can't possibly be conceding the presidential election to Biden! How can you give up on the president?" Let me be clear, I am not "giving up" on anything. All the legal challenges that are underway from the Trump legal team can and should continue. That said, as the great Rush Limbaugh has always warned from his perch above the radio kingdom, we need to live in Realville, and in Realville it's a good idea to prepare for all potential realities.

Especially when that potential reality brings with it the end of the United States of America as designed by our Founding Fathers.

There has been talk, dangerous talk, of supporters of President Trump boycotting the Senate election on January 5 because they suspect election tampering in Georgia and other states. I agree that the voting results from November 3 are highly suspect and that all proper challenges should be undertaken, including any warranted criminal investigations. I am also certain that if Georgians fail to show up in January because of what happened in November, they will be cutting off their constitutional nose to spite their state.

Eligible Republican voters, any true American voter, must turn out in Georgia to cast the ultimate defensive vote. Should President Trump fail in his court challenges, the Senate is our last line of defense between the Constitution and the Democratic Party that wants it to be eviscerated. If you are an eligible Georgia voter, and are thinking of "sitting out" this upcoming election in protest, let me offer you a small sample of what is at stake:

  • Democrats will enact substantial potions of the Green New Deal, wiping out jobs in the United States and raising the cost of just about everything you purchase.
  • Democrats will pack the U.S. Supreme Court and thereby ensure we live in a post-constitutional country from this point forward.
  • They will push for statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, ensuring a majority of Democrats in the Senate for all of political eternity.
  • They will provide amnesty and voting rights for all of the illegal immigrants in this country, again strengthening their voting base, but also adding tens of millions to various relief rolls across the country for which legal and taxpaying American citizens will be forced to foot the bill.
Perdue and Loeffler
U.S. Sen David Perdue (R-GA) and Sen Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) speaks at a campaign event to supporters at a restaurant on November 13, 2020 in Cumming, Georgia. Megan Varner/Getty

And that's just what they will do to get started in 2021. I don't even want to consider 2022.

Anyone in Georgia who thinks they can sit out this election to stubbornly punish their state for failing to properly confront or prevent election fraud, real or imagined, needs to understand that this will not somehow get "fixed" in 2022. By November of 2022 it will be too late to reverse what the Democrats have done during the prior two years. A petulant stand by voters now is going to lead to American ruin by the time the next election rolls around.

We need to turn the United States Senate into a legislative kill squad, a graveyard where the Democrats' dystopian and ruinous socialist ideas go to die. Republicans need to accept that if President Trump does not hold office, not a single piece of worthwhile legislation is going to be passed for the next four years.

President Trump has gotten many Americans to feel like they can go on the offensive when it comes to politics and policy. The Trump way is to take ground, not just hold it. Unfortunately, if we lose him, we are not going to be able to take any ground at the national level. It is, however, essential that we hold the line.

There are complaints about Senators Loeffler and Perdue not being true "Trump-style" Republicans. I understand that, but this is not the time for a purity test. Whatever the two candidates are, I know what they are not: Constitution shredding, far-left activists like Warnock and Ossoff. That is reason enough to support them. That is reason enough for me to head to Georgia.

So if you can, please join me on the streets of Georgia. If you have money, donate it. If you have time, volunteer it. If you have a strong social media presence, activate it. Even as we continue to fight for President Trump in hopes that he will ultimately prevail, join me. We're in a two-front war, and it's all hands on deck.

Charlie Kirk is the chairman of Students for Trump and host of the nationally syndicated radio show and podcast, The Charlie Kirk Show.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own.