Chef Recreates Cheesy Pizza from Classic Disney Movie: 'Looks Beyond Good'

A chef on TikTok has served up a slice of '90s nostalgia by recreating a pizza that featured in a classic Disney movie from the era.

Released in 1995, A Goofy Movie served as a big screen follow-up to the cartoon series Goof Troop, which centered on the exploits of Mickey Mouse's clumsy sidekick, Goofy, and his long-suffering adolescent son, Max.

Though it was only a modest hit at the box office, the film has retained a special place in the hearts of many Disney fanatics, in part due to a successful VHS release at the time and multiple repeat airings on television.

Even today, nostalgia addicts continue to discuss various elements of the film on social media, in particular the songs and dance moves of Powerline, a pop star who features in the central plot of the movie with fans taking to platforms like TikTok to recreate scenes and dance moves.

Another element of the movie to pop up online from time to time centers on an especially cheesy pizza Max and his friend P.J. enjoyed in one scene. Last year, for example, podcaster and model Scottie Beam tweeted a screenshot of the two characters enjoying the pizza, describing it as "fire."

Now a chef on social media has taken things a step further by creating a real-life version of the doughy, cheesy treat - and fans have reacted with delight.

Albert Niazhvinski moved to the U.S. from Belarus in 2016, but only hit upon the idea of showing off his culinary skills during lockdown. Since then he's steadily built an online presence via YouTube and, most prominently on TikTok, where he boasts 5.6 million followers and over 120 million likes.

His videos have showcased a variety of recipes, but it's Albert's penchant for recreating dishes from the world of television and film that is proving especially popular of late.

He's created clips featuring food from movies like Ratatouille and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. However, one of his most popular clips has centered on the super cheesy pizza from A Goofy Movie.

The Right Elasticity

In the video, Albert carefully studies the clip of P.J. pulling a slice of the pizza from the box, with the cheese stretching out in cartoonish fashion. Recreating that kind of elasticity might be a challenge to some, but as the video shows, Albert has the perfect method: lots of cheese.

Cheese is blended into the dough itself, as well as serving as a topping alongside tomato sauce, pepperoni slices and a little basil for that bit of extra flavor. The results are presented for fans to see and Albert to enjoy and it seems to be going down well with all concerned.

At the time of writing, the clip had accumulated 16.7 million views, alongside a glut of comments from fans either loving the nostalgia trip or simply enamored with the sight of a very cheesy pizza.

Patrick Zeinali declared: "I need this in my life," with Devin Simmons writing: "That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life." 0ctan3.th3.m3xic4n concurred, writing: "Looks beyond good."

Andy Tibbets662, meanwhile, said Albert's creation "took stuffed crust to another level" while mimik_y.uu was stunned at seeing their "childhood dream" brought to life.

"He lived the dream we've always wanted," yuh_itz_saya said, with lon3xmelonking declaring: "No way dude I gotta try this I loved that scene so much I wanted it now I'm 20 with adult money I can do it."

"I legit just watched this 10 times," Cindy Normand confessed while sally31616 declared: "Childhood complete...I am crying...looks so good."

Newsweek has contacted Albert for comment.

A real-life pizza and an animated one.
TikTok chef Albert_Cancook has recreated the pizza from the 1990s Disney animated classic 'The Goofy Movie.' Albert_Cancook/DIsney