Man Shot 17 Times After Spitting While Talking During Card Game: Police

A Chicago man is being held without bail after allegedly shooting another man to death having grown frustrated at the fact he was spitting during a card game.

According to Fox 32, Cook County prosecutors believe Edward McKissic, 38, was so annoyed by the amount Meshach Richardson, 35, was spitting during a card game at a South Side hookah lounge in Auburn Gresham, he followed him outside during a smoking break and shot him multiple times.

Police reportedly recovered 10 spent shell casings attributed to McKissic's gun while Richardson was found to have incurred 17 gunshot wounds.

McKissic and his girlfriend had been playing with Richardson and his brother early on Monday, September 27, at the lounge on the 700 block of West 77th Street just prior to the incident.

Prosecutors allege that McKissic pulled a gun from his waistband as Richardson had his back turned to him while smoking outside the bar, and began shooting.

They say that when the shooting stopped, a security guard and another person inside the lounge opened the door to find McKissic standing outside, pointing the gun in their direction.

Prosecutors say a lounge patron in possession of a concealed carry license then proceeded to open fire on McKissic, shooting him once in the left arm.

McKissic allegedly ran from the scene with the concealed carry holder in pursuit.

The latter subsequently assisted police in tracking down McKissic who, according to the prosecution, was arrested around a block away from the lounge.

He was later taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center by police, where he was treated for his gunshot wound.

Prosecutors told Judge Susana Ortiz that several people inside the lounge were able to identify McKissic as the shooter, while a woman passing the venue also saw him open fire.

They noted that while surveillance footage outside the venue placed McKissic and Richardson outside the bar, it did not show the shooting itself.

Prosecutors say McKissic was previously sentenced to probation in 2003 over an incident of aggravated unauthorized use of a weapon.

McKissic's attorney says he opened fire in self-defense.

Fox 32 said McKissic interrupted his attorney during proceedings to tell the judge "they robbed me." He was denied bail.

Newsweek has contacted Cook County state attorney Kimberly M. Foxx for comment.

The shooting came on the same day a man in New York used a home-assembled "ghost gun" to shoot four people following an argument at a bar in Manhattan.

Just four days earlier, another argument at a Taco Bell in Alabama ended in bloodshed after two people were shot and killed in the restaurant parking lot.

Tape saying: "Police line do not cross."
Stock image of a police tape line - a man is being held without bail after allegedly shooting a fellow card player to death outside a bar in Illinois. carlballou/Getty