Chicken Chases Dog in Viral Video 'Like a Real-Life Cartoon'

Calling somebody a chicken usually means that they are cowardly or fraught with nerves.

However, one peek at the brazen bird in a recent Twitter video, and you will find yourself wondering why it doesn't mean the exact opposite.

In the sweet clip, which was tweeted by user @StrictlyChristo, a chicken can be seen chasing a dog around a pile of wooden palettes in a garden.

Just when the canine stops to check if they have lost their feathery friend, the bird comes hurtling around the corner and back into sight, hot on their tail.

In a scene reminiscent of a Looney Tunes show brought to life, the dog even manages to dodge the bird, who leaps up into the air in a comical fashion.

The Twitter user shared the warm-hearted video, alongside the caption: "Best game of chase, ever". He also added a laughing-face emoji.

He then went on to comment: "How can you not smile when the dog makes the chicken jump? They are having too much fun."

And it seems that many people did find the clip cheering; so far the video has been liked over 88,200 times and retweeted by over 19,900 times.

One Twitter user, @Larry_Kunz, reshared the video, writing: "If this doesn't win the Oscar for best short film, something's wrong."

A chicken outside in nature
In the video a chicken, similar to the one pictured here, chases a dog around a garden. It's the sort of heart-warming content sure to brighten your day. Xurxo Lobato/Getty Images

Another, @DanicaA70317772, humorously provided speech to the scene, commenting: "Who you callin' chicken, you uppity pup! I'll give ya a run fer yur fur!!!"

Meanwhile, @RexChapman added that the situation was "like a real life cartoon."

A fourth, @ReggieRB, posted the clip as an antidote to the pandemic and political-themed news that saturates Twitter, explaining: "A cleanse for your timeline #watchthechickenjump".

Best game of chase, ever 😆

— Strictly (@StrictlyChristo) April 24, 2021

Additionally, if wholesome chicken-related content is what you are after, why not also check out this hilarious video of a bird called Nugget who incorrectly believes they are a chicken?

The footage, which has gone viral online, shows a pet Indian Mynah bird, hilariously recounting her catchphrase: "Hi my name is Nugget and I'm a big fat chicken."

The clip currently has over 2.2 million views on TikTok, with many delighting in the bird's apparent identity crisis.

TikTok user Whitney Rambo commented: "I relate to Nugget on a personal level."

While Ash Jacobi joked: "I've never related to a creature more than I do nuggets. My name is Ashley and I'm a big fat chicken who loves snacks."

Jessie Jacobson added: "This bird needs to be animated and added to every cartoon movie there is."