'Cruel': Children Disinherited After Father's Death Sparks Outrage

The internet has been left shocked after a grandmother removed her grandchildren from her will after their father's death.

In a viral post on discussion site Mumsnet on Monday, user mum61 shared their story. With hundreds of responses and comments, internet users are clearly appalled.

Explaining the story, the poster said: "My husband died aged 45. 3 years ago. I have two young adult children. My husband was a beneficiary and executor of his mother's estate, along with his sister, and believed his portion of his mother's estate would go to our children upon the death of his mother." But the poster explained that when her mother-in-law died recently, her children had been disinherited and were no longer in the will.

"The will was changed six months after my husband's death to leave the entire estate to my husband's sister," explained the poster: "I realize this has been done legally as people can leave their estate to whomever they choose, but my children are devastated and feel they only mattered to their grandmother when their father was alive."

The poster expressed her upset, explaining that the ordeal has caused a family rift and that her children are refusing to speak to their aunt and cousins because they feel so hurt. She finished the post writing: "Any advice greatly received."

Inheritance is becoming an increasingly large part of everyday life, as what some experts are calling the "great wealth transfer" becomes more of a reality. As a large amount of money transfers from the pockets of boomers to younger generations, the New York Times estimates that around $15 trillion will move through the inheritance system in the next decade.

Shocked by the story, Mumsnet users overwhelmingly sided with the woman and her children. One user wrote: "From what you have said, it seems unfair. You seem to imply the sister was controlling, if so explain that to your children. They are adults, I am sure they can separate love from money but also may not have been how their grandma saw things at all."

Another commenter said: "Your children are right to cut contact if they think their aunt abused her relationship with her mother to get her to change to will to disinherit them. Are the cousins adults too? They might not be aware that your children have been cut out."

Many responses suggested the poster seek some legal advice, and others echoed that the aunt's behavior seemed unfair. One user said: "A decent aunt would sort out a variation to the will and give your children what they'd have received had your husband still been alive."

But one reply suggested that while the incident was uncomfortable and upsetting, the best course of action was to rise above it: "I would encourage your children to forget about what happened as best as you can as right now they are the only party hitting through this act of betrayal. Forgiveness is the best form of self-interest."

Recently the internet backed a woman who chose not to leave any inheritance to her husband's children.

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File photo of a small home model with stacks of rising coins. The internet has been left shocked after a grandmother wrote grandchildren out of her will following their father's death. William_Potter/Getty Images