Internet Backs Woman Not Leaving Any Inheritance to Her Husband's Children

A woman has shared her controversial position to Reddit, after revealing she wasn't planning on leaving any inheritance to her husband's three children.

She shared her situation to the site's popular Am I The A**hole forum, under username throwaway02202022a, where she explained she and her current husband, Jack, wed when they were in their 50s, and it was a second marriage for them both.

Jack has three grown-up children, while she has a stepson, Thomas, who she "helped raise" and saw as her own son.

The pair signed a prenup before tying the knot, at Jack's request, following his experiences with his first wife, which kept their assets separate.

She wrote: "We kept our finances separate though we both contributed to a joint account for household expenses—which we split 50/50.

"We did our wills at this time—Jack left everything to his children and I left mine to Thomas. We were both aware of what the other had done and we were fine with it."

That arrangement worked fine, as she revealed: "We were both very well off financially—Jack more than me."

But everything changed when Jack lost the family business, around four years ago, which was handed down from his grandfather to his father, which he planned to leave to his own kids.

"He ended up losing almost everything. He was completely devastated. Standard of living wise not much changed except that I am paying 100% of household expenses. I love him and I am fine with this," she explained.

But after a recent health scare, and the change in Jack's fortunes, she decided to review her will as if she passed away, her husband would be left with nothing to live on as everything is going to Thomas.

That wasn't warmly received, as she said: "My plan was to put a third of my assets into a trust for Thomas's children (he has 2 currently that both call me Nana), a third directly to Thomas, and a third in trust for Jack.

"I would set it up so that Jack would receive a generous monthly cheque, but that after he died the assets in the trust would go to Thomas. I did it that way because I want Jack taken care of while he is alive, but after that I want it to go to Thomas—not Jack's kids."

In the U.S. inheritance amounts to billions of dollars each year, with the U.S. Congressional Budget Office revealing revenue from estate and gift tax amounted to $18 billion in 2020.

But her husband was outraged his children weren't getting anything, as she shared Jack's response saying: "Why are his kids getting nothing and Thomas everything? I should say that by the time we got together Jack's children were grown.

"One already had a child and another was married. Other than the occasional holiday I have never lived with Jack's kids. While he is not mine biologically—Thomas is my son in every way that counts. While I get along with Jack's kids, we are not close at all."

She claims Jack has threatened to leave her, adding: "He keeps saying that if I don't care about his kids that means I don't care about him. I've told him that is nonsense and that I don't respond well to ultimatums.

"We had planned to leave our assets separately before we were ever married, but now that he doesn't have money suddenly he wants me to leave my money to his kids."

The issue of stepchildren is one that continually rears its head legally when it comes to wills. While the laws in various countries and estates differ, often stepchildren have no inheritance rights.

According to law firm Atlas Law: "If you were to pass away without an estate plan, the state would divide your assets between either your spouse and biological children, or your closest living relatives.

"Stepchildren do not have inheritance rights unless you have legally adopted them."

The post has received more than 11,000 upvotes since being shared on Sunday, where Throwaway02202022a has received widespread support, although some questioned her stance.

She added further statements in the comments as she defended her position, saying: "I don't hate Jack's children, but I don't love them. I have never had any type of parental relationship with them…

"I have never lived under the same roof as them. I do not consider them my family, nor do I believe they consider me family."

Agreeing with her decision, Miss-Mamba wrote: "Please don't choose a man you've known for a lesser amount of time over your step son

"This man is showing his true colors by threatening to leave you. You both made a deal and he's the one that's trying to push your boundary?? I don't get it."

LittleGizmo86 thought: "Please change your will back to leave everything to Thomas only. Your husband doesn't deserve a penny. What he is doing is abusive, controlling AND blackmail."

"Don't leave him a nice monthly check after your death. He has shown his true colors!"

Fallingsock pointed out: "He's going to leave you while you're the one keeping a roof over his head? I'd go ahead and call that bluff."

VerceViniVerdi commented: "Jack was so against giving step-kids anything that he demanded a pre-nip… but now he's the beggar and it's his kids that can benefit from their step-kid status… suddenly step-kids matter."

Spectrum2081 said: "You are being very generous. Frankly, I think your husband is angry and disappointed with himself for being unable to leave a legacy to his kids, and he's taking it out [on] you."

Newsweek has reached out to Throwaway02202022a for comment.

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A file photo of a wad of cash. A woman has been slammed for refusing to leave any inheritance to her husband's children. Kyryl Gorlov/Getty Images