Chris Jericho Introduces the "Inner Circle" and Takes Jab at WWE During AEW Dynamite Promo

The second episode of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite was an eventful one, mainly because of Chris Jericho's promo that not only introduced his new stable but also took an obvious jab at the WWE.

Following the first round of the AEW Tag Team Tournament that featured The Young Bucks and Private Party, the AEW World Champion strolled into the ring with Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz.

Jericho began the promo by stating the debut episode of Dynamite was the highest-rated premiere in TNT history, and it's because of him. He recapped how the five men in the ring ended last week's episode beating down The Elite. Jericho then made his first reference to the WWE - and NXT in particular - saying, "we are next, we are now."

Watch the promo that made Chris Jericho trend for most of Wednesday night below. We'll update with an official upload when it becomes available.

aew dynamite chris jericho inner circle

Jericho says the men in the ring with him are his four closest confidants and then runs down the reasons why he handpicked them all to join him in a new alliance.

First, he says that Sammy Guevara is a "spanish god" and not only is he a "teenage heartthrob" but he's also one of the best in-ring performers he's seen at his age in a long time. He says that Guevara is young, athletic and he is on his list - a reference to Jericho's last run in WWE.

Jericho then introduces Santana and Ortiz, formerly LAX in Impact Wrestling. He says that they are nastier than they have ever been and he personally recruited them to AEW. He believes the duo is angry and ready to fight, and they also made his list. Jericho then says, "viva la raza" in memory of Eddie Guerrero who would have turned 52 on Wednesday.

And finally, Jericho praises Jake Hager. He says people may know who he is, but they don't. He's a former world champion, and he's the craziest MMA fighter in the world today. Jericho then has to stop when the Boston crowd began chanting "we the people" in reference to Hager's run in WWE as Jack Swagger.

When Jericho gets back on the mic he shuts down the chant, saying,"we the people sucks and is dead and buried. It was a stupid idea from bad creative and all of that is gone."

Jericho continues, adding "Jake Hager is the most feared MMA fighter on the planet today and guess what? He's undefeated and that's a shoot. That makes him the toughest man in AEW that makes him the toughest man in the entire wrestling business. He's not afraid to challenge any wrestler, MMA guy, boxing guy, former MMA guy [or] street bare-knuckle fighter."

The champion then announces that the five of them are "The Inner Circle" and that they are taking control of AEW. Jericho then runs down Cody and his family, calling Dusty Rhodes a jerk, Dustin Rhodes a moron, announcing that on November 9 he is going to "beat the ever loving s*&^ out of [Cody]."

AEW Dynamite airs every Wednesday night live on TNT at 8 p.m. EDT. The first pay-per-view after the television launch, Full Gear, airs Saturday, November 9.

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