'The Circle': Where the Netflix Show is Filmed

The Circle Season 2 has left many viewers confused as to where it is filmed. The Netflix show uses b-roll footage from a number of U.S. cities, but never reveals where the apartment complex that the contestants live in is actually located.

In reality, The Circle is not shot in America at all. In fact, viewers of other countries' versions of the reality show may recognize the block that Season 2 of the U.S. version is taking place in.

This is because the new season was filmed in the same location as the most recent U.K. season of The Circle. Specifically, it was filmed in a building named Adelphi Wharf 1 in Salford in the United Kingdom.

the circle casting
Promo image for 'The Circle.' Netflix

The reason that the show flies all its cast members across the Atlantic is likely because it is cheaper to do that specially design another apartment building with space for all the cameras the show needs to film its contestants. Plus, the building already has a giant circle on its facade, (as can be seen on the Google Maps images of the building), which keeps it very on-brand.

It is not only the U.K. version that also films there. Once Season 2 of The Circle U.K. ended, the Brazilian contestants moved in. Then, at the end of 2020, the French cast took their place.

As well as being the home of The Circle, the building is a working apartment block where people actually live. Per RightMove, a two bedroom apartment is currently available in Adelphi Wharf 1 for £185,000 ($256,000).

the circle locations
'The Circle' building in Salford, England. Netflix

This building is the same one that the first Netflix season was filmed in, though each apartment has been given a refit so that they look very different in Season 2. Eagle eyed viewers have been able to identify which contestants are now in which apartment from Season 1. Bryant, for example, is Alex's (aka Adam's) room from last season, while Too Hot to Handle's Chloe is in the room of last year's winner Joey.

Per Season 1 contestant Bill, speaking to the Chicago Tribune, U.S. contestants come to the U.K. a month before shooting begins: "They wanted us to get comfortable in our new environment and get over the jet-lag and feel at home."

Between each season and each international version, all of the apartments are redecorated with interior design typical of the country, and the fridges are stocked with that nation's food.

Asked why they disguise the apartment block's location with aerial shots of U.S. cities, show creator Tim Harcourt told Vulture: "We wanted the building to be in a nonspecific location for the U.S. version — the feeling that it could be anywhere. However, it didn't make sense to add shots of the U.K. and its cities — in fact, it was confusing — so we added U.S. cityscapes to give it an American feel for the majority of the audience who assume it is somewhere in the U.S."

Asked about the building's giant circle, he said: "it's about a 25-meter diameter aluminum track, I think, which is bolted onto the front of the building and then we run LED lights through and around the circle. In the first season, everyone thought that we had created an effect in post-production with the lights, but actually the lights are on the front of the building, reflecting and shining into the players' rooms.

The Circle Season 2 airs Wednesdays on Netflix