Woman Claims We've Been Taking Selfies 'Wrong' and Reveals How to See Your True Self

Taking selfies is now essentially an art form, with filters, lighting and angles all going into the taking the perfect shot.

But while we can't all look like selfie queen Kim Kardashian, people are claiming your front camera doesn't show your true likeness at all.

Now the weapon of choice when taking photos, our phones allow us to easily snap a selfie, but debate has long raged over inverted frames and proportions.

In an attempt to demonstrate how much our cameras distort our features, TikToker Snitchery shared a tutorial to the site, showing followers how they're taking selfies "wrong."

She said; "If ya'll still don't think your front cams are playing you, and that you're taking your selfie wrong, I will prove it.

"Go to the face zoom effect, hold the phone up close to your face, before slowly pulling it away. And that is a different person."

She captioned the video, which amassed more than six million views: "For the non-believers saying they look the same both ways... try it."

When quizzed over which one she thought was the true likeness, Snitchery commented: "Zoomed out!! Holding your phone so close distorts your features—that's why we look so busted when we accidentally open our front cam."

The clip was originally uploaded to the site last year, but the sound—with the tutorial—has been widely shared across the platform, used in more than 100,000 videos as people tested it out for themselves.

And it's still going strong online, as a woman shared a clip as earlier this year when she tested it on herself. Tracy uploaded a clip, which has been viewed more than 850,000 times, which she captioned: "Well I'll be darned."

Both videos, with the latest able to be seen here, racked up thousands of comments, as people reacted to their supposedly true reflection, while others sought to provide a technical explanation.

Catherine asked: "Wait so how do we take selfies."

Becca Smedley admitted: "This is very uplifting for me as I've always believed my nose was my whole face but apparently it was all in my head."

Iniquitous / Ceili joked: "I look better from far away apparently. Nobody approach me ever again."

"Using this for all my selfies now bye," Brianna Busato added.


for the nonbelievers saying they look the same both ways... try it 😈 #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound - snitchery

While Christ Pratt revealed: "That's a normal thing in cinematography. Moving the camera away and zooming in at the same rate distorts the image (happens in a GOFG2 [Guardians of the Galaxy] scene.)"

Agreeing, Brandon Avila pointed out: "It's the same reason why someone looks different through a 50mm lens than a 120mm lens."

LuxGamma quipped: "Aspect ratio is a b****. I noticed I look nothing like how I do in a mirror when using a phone camera."

And not everyone was happy with their appearance, as Rachel said: "My forehead grew five inches no thank you."

Newsweek reached out to Snitchery and Tracy for a comment.

File photo of woman taking a selfie.
File photo of woman taking a selfie. A TikTok has claimed we've been taking selfies wrong, as she revealed how to see our true likeness. LightFieldStudios/Getty Images