CNN Backs Andy Cohen Following Live TV Outburst

CNN has backed Andy Cohen after the host made headlines for his drunken outburst on television during the network's New Year's Eve Live event.

The host of Watch What Happens Live was co-hosting with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and was visibly inebriated as he drank shots and went on a rant about New York mayor Bill de Blasio.

During the show, Cohen took some jabs at rival network ABC's New Years' Eve special and its host Ryan Seacrest.

"Ryan Seacrest's group of losers that are performing behind us," Cohen said during the broadcast, before adding: "I mean, with all due [respect], if you've been watching ABC tonight, you've seen nothing. I'm sorry."

The following day, Cohen apologized on social media and admitted he had been "overserved" leading to him getting drunk during the event.

On his radio show, SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live, Cohen said he regretted the comments about ABC and Seacrest.

"The only thing that I regret saying, the only thing is that I slammed the ABC broadcast and I really like Ryan Seacrest and he's a great guy," Cohen said. "And I really regret saying that, and I was just stupid and drunk and feeling it."

Now CNN is backing Cohen and released a statement saying the situation was addressed with the host and that he will be hosting the event next year.

"Andy said something he shouldn't have on live TV," the statement read, per E!, specifically in relation to his comments about Ryan Seacrest.

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen attends the launch party for the book "Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives from the People Who Lived It" at Capitale on October 19, 2021 in New York City. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"We've addressed it with him and look forward to having him back again next year."

Cohen continued on his radio show: "The headlines about Ryan Seacrest are all like I trash Ryan Seacrest. I'm like, I really, I hope he hears the clip. You know what I mean?"

Also during the show, Cohen let rip about his feelings for now-former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"Just watching Mayor De Blasio doing his victory lap dance after four years of the crappiest job as the mayor of New York," Cohen said, speaking animatedly into the camera.

"The only thing that the Democrats and the Republicans can agree on is what a horrible mayor he has been, so sayonara sucker! 2022!" Cohen said.

"It's a new year, and guess what? I have a feeling that I am going to be standing right here next year, and you know what I'm not going to be looking at? Dancing as the city comes apart!"