Cody Rhodes Talks Jeff Cobb, AEW Dynamite & More on Conference Call

All Elite Wrestling is coming to Atlanta for the first time for its latest episode of Dynamite.

The home of the Hawks, Braves and Falcons has a special place in the Rhodes Family's heart as they call Atlanta home. So what does AEW have in store for this Wednesday's episode? Cody will face Wardlow in the promotion's first-ever Steel Cage match leading to his likely bout with MJF at the Revolution pay-per-view.

Ahead of the upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes met with members of the media via a conference call to discuss the promotion. Here are the highlights of that coversation:

aew dynamite cody rhodes wardlow

On having more WCW shows like "Bash at the Beach:"

  • Cody says it's unlikely fans will see more of those WCW shows. There may be one more, which Cody teases with an audible "wink wink."
  • He says that Bash at the Beach was supposed to be fun and not offend anyone. Dusty Rhodes' wife has control of his estate and filing for certain trademarks is about protecting her, as Cody and Dustin don't get money from it.

On Jeff Cobb in AEW

  • Cobb's AEW contract is "still in gestation."
  • Cobb will be around AEW for longer than Wednesday's Dynamite, and Cody hopes he stays around for a long time.
  • Cobb's contract is tailored specifically for him, and it allows for him to work with NJPW and ROH.

Returning to Las Vegas for Double or Nothing

  • Cody reveals that the Dynamite after Double or Nothing will be in Las Vegas as well.
  • AEW will put on events throughout the week to keep fans excited

Recruiting Talent

  • Cody says that he and Taz are going to be attending NCAA wrestling tournaments
  • Matt and Nick Jackson continue to comb the independents for new talent
  • Cody reveals that he has leadership and ownership stake in a wrestling school in Georgia called "The Nightmare Factory." This is not affiliated with AEW.
  • Sadie Gibbs and Anthony Ogogo are training there.

AEW Women's Division

  • Cody acknowledges the criticism and asks for fans to be patient with it.
  • Cody says he wants to see more Big Swole and puts over Britt Baker's recent turn.
  • Cody says Nyla and Riho's match from last week was the match of the night on arguably their biggest show.

Having More POC in AEW

  • Cody says he's been doing a YouTube deep dive on an independent wrestler named Chris Bey.
  • Cody says he and the AEW brass' commitment to diversity is there, and they want to lead with their content.

AEW in Canada

  • Cody wants to have Dynamite in a few Canadian cities
  • Says the first show will likely be in Toronto

You can listen to the entire Cody conference call below.

AEW Dynamite will be live this Wednesday in Atlanta on TNT starting at 8 p.m. EST. AEW Revolution will take place Saturday, February 29.

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