Colorado Couple Remove More Than 150 Snakes From Their Home

More than 150 snakes have been removed from a den under a couple's home in Colorado in the past year.

Shaynon McFadden and Royce Robbins bought their home on Rushmore Street in Elizabeth, Colorado in November 2018, KUSA reported.

At first, they had no issues with snakes—but the following spring, they said a number of them started coming up out of the slats of the back deck of their home.

"We started seeing garter snakes heads popping up in between the wood slats on the ground level patio," McFadden told the station.

Even more started appearing as the summer months arrived and the couple said they discovered snakes in their yard, under their deck, around the house's foundation and even inside their bathroom.

"My cats had it cornered in the bathroom," McFadden said. "We're not sure how it got in, but we got rid of that one right away."

The couple hired an exterminator, who found there was a large snake den underneath the home's back deck. They added that more than 150 snakes were removed and relocated before the start of winter last year.

McFadden said she and her husband have had to spend around $8,000 because of it—on a new deck, shed and pest control.

McFadden told KUSA that she and her husband had no idea about the infestation when they moved in and it was not disclosed when they bought the home.

Property sellers and realtors are required to disclose any material facts about a property to potential buyers under Colorado law.

A spokesperson for the Colorado Association of Realtors told KUSA that arguments about not disclosing pertinent information are among the most common disputes following a property sale.

The spokesperson added that a snake infestation qualified as a material fact—and should be disclosed even if the owners made efforts to resolve the issue. The association has been contacted for additional comment.

It comes after a man in Kansas found a boa constrictor in his couch while he was looking for his keys. Butler County Deputy Fire Chief Melvin Linot said the unidentified homeowner in Rose Hill called the police as soon as he saw the snake last month.

Linot removed the snake and said it was "very gentle, very docile." He added: "I messed with him a little bit, and I took my gloves off. You could handle him real easy."

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Stock photo. A Colorado couple have had to remove more than 150 snakes from under their home after discovering an infestation after they bought it. David McNew/Getty Images