'Not Your Problem': Company Slammed for Asking Employee To Cancel Vacation

The internet has slammed a company after a worker shared an email they received asking them to cancel their vacation.

On Tuesday, Reddit user Prestigious-Rumfield shared the email on the popular r/antiwork forum where it now has more than 24,000 upvotes.

A screenshot of a message was shared with the caption: "Just got this email, guess I can say bye-bye to my vacation..."

The message screenshot says: "So we have a bit of an issue with your time off. [Redacted] has to go in for surgery end of the month 4/28/2022. She will be out for 2 weeks and unable to get at full strength for 6 weeks. I have my surgery scheduled for 5/10/2022.

"We need for you to postpone your vacation. Please when you get a chance let's discuss how this will go."

Recent research from career experts Zippia found that the average employee in the U.S. receives just 7.6 paid vacation days. The only advanced economy in the world that does not guarantee its workers paid holiday, Zippia report that one in four American workers don't get any paid holidays.

Taking all-important time away from work has been proven as important to our health. Psychologists recently reported that burnout at work is a form of job-related depression that can take a toll on mental and physical health.

We recently spoke to our Newsweek Expert Forum and asked them to share their strategies for addressing and reducing employee burnout in the workplace.

Jason Hennessey of Hennessey Digital said: "Creating a company culture where employees don't feel they need to be tied to their phones 24/7 preemptively prevents employee burnout. To foster that culture, it's important to emphasize the need for work-life balance. We provide five weeks of PTO to support family relationships, as well as a week paid leave for employees to volunteer at a nonprofit organization about which they feel passionate."

Reddit users were shocked by the message asking the employee to cancel their vacation. One commenter said: "If you already paid for your vacation, tell them it's already paid for and non-refundable and you will not be coming back to work unless they pay to compensate your trip. Plane tickets are not something you can get a refund on and they are EXPENSIVE."

"Seriously. No. Life is too short to not take planned vacations for someone who would drop you without giving it a second thought. They approved the time off. That's that," said another commenter on Reddit.

"It's not your problem. Don't try to rationalize that it is," said another commenter. "Yes s*** happens, but you don't have to shovel it."

"If you don't go on this vacation I will be absolutely livid," said another reply.

Newsweek has reached out to Prestigious-Rumfield for comment.

Vacation marked in calendar
A file photo showing a vacation marked in a calendar. A company has been slammed online for asking an employee to cancel their holiday. Ekaterina79/Getty Images