Conservative Radio Host Warns Coronavirus 'Could Give Rise to the Antichrist'

Conservative radio show host and author Thomas Horn appeared on The Jim Bakker Show on Monday and Tuesday, saying that the coronavirus pandemic could bring about the Antichrist.

Horn and fellow author Carl Gallups appeared on the show to promote their latest books—Shadowland: From Jeffrey Epstein to the Clintons, from Obama and Biden to the Occult Elite: Exposing the Deep-State Actors at War with Christianity, Donald Trump, and America's Destiny by Horn and Masquerade: Prepare for the Greatest Con Job in History by Gallups. The two authors appeared on both Monday and Tuesday's episodes of The Jim Bakker Show.

The two authors spoke about the events of the day, with a particular emphasis on the coronavirus. Horn argued that elites were using coronavirus as an excuse to fulfill end-times Biblical prophecy outlined in Revelations, especially the idea that a mark—or implanted chip—in the head or the hand would be required for all people to be able to buy or sell things. Horn claimed on Monday that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was hoping to develop an "implantable biosensor that every human would have that would detect whether you are contaminated with some kind of a disease strain or whatever, and would need to be quarantined as a result."

Horn appears to be referring to a recent announcement that the biotech company Profusa was working on a study—funded by DARPA's SIGMA+ program—to attempt to discover early signs of influenza with biosensors. Horn alleged that this was all part of the Antichrist's plan to take over the world and bring about the last days of Earth.

coronavirus vial
Dr. Thomas Horn appeared on "The Jim Bakker Show" this week to say that coronavirus could be a way the Antichrist takes control of the world. Samara Heisz/Getty

Horn repeated his warnings on Tuesday, and praised Masquerade for its depiction of the efforts of the Antichrist.

"People need to be prepared. They need to be physically prepared, they need to do practical things like food, but they also need to be spiritually prepared. And that is the reason that I publish my book, Shadowland, and even more so this book right here, Masquerade. Because coronavirus—we're only talking about it in the sense that it could become a pandemic, it could become a panic, but it could also give rise of the Antichrist. And we could be literally that close," Horn said.

Newsweek reached out to Horn for comment.

Jim Bakker, the host of The Jim Bakker Show, has come under fire recently for selling a solution of colloidal silver that he claims can cure the coronavirus. According to the FDA, colloidal silver has no medical benefits and is "not safe or effective for treating any disease or condition." In fact, colloidal silver is infamous for causing agyria, which is a condition causing a person's skin to become permanently tinted blue-gray.

Bakker is currently being sued by the state of Missouri for selling the solution. Earlier this month, the New York Attorney General's Office sent him a letter warning him to stop selling it as a cure as well.