Controversial Video of Jeff Bezos Being Heckled Removed by TikTok for 'Bullying'

A clip showing two outdoor diners taunting a man who appears to be Jeff Bezos has been circulating online. The video, originally posted to TikTok, was reportedly taken down for violating the app's community guidelines against "bullying."

In the TikTok, which has since been reposted to the "Public Freakouts" subreddit, the person filming says to Bezos: "Hey Jeff, do you feel bad when your Amazon workers die in the warehouse sometimes?"

Bezos briefly makes eye contact before ignoring the question. As he continues to walk toward his car, the other diner shouts behind him: "Hey Jeff, nice lazy eye! I wish money could fix that."

While the man in the video appears to be Bezos, his identity has not been officially confirmed.

According to The Daily Dot, the video was posted on TikTok by user @bat_rat_im_all_that twice but was removed by the platform both times, allegedly for violating the platform's policies against "bullying."

It's unclear when exactly the video was filmed, but it has found recent popularity on Reddit, where it's received over 800 comments in less than 12 hours. Many expressed support for the two hecklers, emphasizing their frustrations with Bezos—the richest man on Earth at the time of writing, according to Forbes' real-time billionaire list. "Eat the rich," wrote one blunt Redditor.

However, the replies were also flooded with users who took issue with the insults directed at Bezos. The "lazy eye" comment was particularly contentious, as some people felt it was unnecessary to target his physical appearance.

"I'm all for bashing Jeff Bezos but I don't like bashing peoples [sic] physical appearance, only the choices they make," commented one user.

"Okay, comment about the workers, justified. The conditions of Amazon are akin to sweat shops. The comment about the lazy eye, lady (assuming you are a lady) you are a piece of human garbage," reads another angry response.

Many still came to the hecklers' defense, noting when someone has the sheer amount of power and wealth as Bezos, defending him against the insult—especially in the wake of Amazon's horrific accused labor practices—seems to miss the point. "All these commenters on here worried that a modern-day slave driver is being body shamed," wrote one Redditor. "Are you people really getting offended that someone pointed out a billionaires [sic] lazy eye? Lmao ffs y'all got some issues," echoed another.

"This man is the richest person [on Earth] built on suffering and almost every reply is about shaming the middle class girl. Guaranteed many of those are paid users," reads one response, referring to the harsh backlash to the heckler's comment.

Meanwhile, Bezos continues to be embroiled in scandal. A ProPublica leak earlier this month revealed Bezos and numerous other multibillionaires have paid little to no income tax over the past several years. Additionally, the Amazon founder is preparing to visit space next month, an endeavor that has prompted countless online memes, including a petition to stop him from re-entering Earth after his trip.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos speaking at The Economic Club of Washington, 2018. Alex Wong/Getty Images