Cops Investigate Trump Fan Who Called Child 'Piece of Sh**t Terrorist'

Canadian cops are investigating a local Trump supporter after a viral video claims he called a child wearing a hijab a "piece of s**t terrorist."

Surrey Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were alerted to "a disturbing incident" that took place in the Real Canadian Superstore on Monday. According to the police report obtained by The Surrey Now-Leader, racist comments were made toward a nine-year-old wearing a hijab who was shopping with her family.

Footage of the aftermath of the incident went viral on Reddit. The man filming claims to be her father and hones in on two men, one of whom is seen wearing a "Keep America Great" cap. As the camera continues rolling, he later pulls his hood up to cover the hat.

In the video, the father and the Trump supporter go back and forth in a terse verbal argument about the alleged "terrorist" comments. He is heard demanding store employees alert the police as he "wants him arrested."

"There's a lot of Muslims here, if you've got a problem, move out," the father says. "They're racist ... He wants to call my daughter a 'Muslim terrorist?'"

At one point the Trump supporter tells the father to "back off," as the man he is with claims the dad "is being too aggressive." The father throughout the video calls the second man "guilty by association."

The Real Canadian Superstore employees informed the father that the police had been called, and he continues recording as the two men pay for their groceries.

The Surrey RCMP's statement released Tuesday confirmed that the man had been identified. "The investigation is ongoing as officers work on gathering additional evidence, which includes speaking with witnesses and seizing video evidence," they added.

Many on Reddit expressed their disgust for the man's alleged racist words. "Poor girl but also I love how he hides his hat once the attention is on him. Like anyone can see that hat from a mile away," one wrote.

Another confirmed to American viewers that Trump fans also live in Canada: "Dude they literally [wave Trump] flags at [anti-mask] rallies. In Canada. There [are] actually no words to describe the [idiocy] of these people that would really do it justice."

Loblaw, the parent company of the Real Canadian Superstore chain, told Vancouver is Awesome that they were aware of the incident and do not condone the alleged racist interaction.

Trump supporters
A Trump supporter is accused of hurling racist insults to a child in a grocery store. David McNew/Getty Images

"We have no tolerance for racism in our stores or for those who spread hate and fear," a media representative told the outlet.

"This incident was understandably upsetting for the child and their family and we have engaged Victim Services," Surrey RCMP Superintendent Manly Burleigh said in the release. "Comments like the ones directed at this child are reprehensible, unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our community."

Despite the mass public outcry this video elicited, a recent poll from Gallup showed that many Americans feel that Trump did a better job than Obama in combatting terrorism threats, despite the rise in right-wing political violence associated with Trump's presidency.