'Copy Cat' Worker Blasted for Booking Same Resort as Colleague for Vacation

A worker is fuming after their colleague booked a vacation at a resort at exactly the same time as them.

The disgruntled worker vented their frustration to Mumsnet, under username malificent7, as they explained they first mentioned the destination last year.

They said: "I booked my summer holiday last year for August. My colleague booked his to same resort with his wife about 3 months ago after hearing where I was going. Just came back... fine."

File photo of couple in the sea.
File photo of couple in the sea. A worker is fuming their colleague and his wife booked the exact same vacation as them. Suzi Media Production/Getty Images

Apparently the couple loved the vacation so much they decided to go again. The worker raged: "However, him and his wife liked it so much that they are thinking about going back to same resort in August when I will be there.

"Now I like my colleague but I want to get away from it all. Not bump into him on the beach. Aibu to find this odd/ unboundaried?"

And they clarified: "And no... there's nothing romantic going on."

The post, which can be read here, amassed more than 100 responses since being posted last week, as they shared more information in follow-up comments.

They added: "There is no way we would want to meet up but I just don't want to bump into him in the 1st place!"

And they clarified they usually work in the same room, adding: "I didn't so much recommend it.... I just mentioned I was going and he had been a long time ago and had a good time.

"I just hate it when people do this copy cat, treading on toes bulls**t. No boundaries at all."

Reflecting on the situation, Glitterspy commented: "God I hate bumping into other English people when on resort holidays, let alone someone I actually know, particularly a workmate—how utterly cringe-making."

Welshrarebitontoast asked: "Can you move to another hotel? Or is it too late to make any changes now? This scenario would be my idea of hell you I get where you are coming from @malificent7. I see enough of the people I work with in work, without needing to avoid them on leave as well."

Zighead admitted: "I would hate this but not sure what you can do about it.
Let's hope it's fully booked."

MurderAtTheBeautyPageant thought: "Nah. It's completely normal to not want to be bumping into colleagues when lounging about on your hols."

Balalake said: "Work and the rest of life I like to keep separate. Even on a day to day basis, never mind holidays. I'd feel probably more unhappy than you and would change plans if possible."

Rnsaslkih replied: "I'd hate it. Holidays are to get away from everything."

Duttercup commented: "Who wouldn't find this a bit annoying??I mean there's nothing you can do but... I do not want my pina colada lounging to be witnessed by colleagues. I can see why this would be irritating."

Although Maireas thought: "I genuinely don't see the problem. You see someone you know while you're on holiday? Why is that a problem?"

After reading through the responses, the worker confirmed their plan, saying: "I think I'm just going to say to him that I won't socialise with him before I go... to manage expectations."

The chart below, provided by Statista, revealed hurdles to a summer holiday.

Infographic: Money, Not Covid, Is the Biggest Travel Hurdle This Summer | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

An Ipsos survey from June revealed people are keen to go abroad after years of uncertainty due to the pandemic.

Statistics showed 48 percent of Europeans and 36 percent of Americans were planning on holidaying overseas.

"Nevertheless, domestic travel remains at a higher level than 2019 in almost all the countries," they added.

And it seems holidaymakers have a healthy budget, even amid inflation and gas price increases.

They noted: "Holidaymakers will have a bigger travel budget this year than they did in 2021: Americans intend to spend an additional $440, for a total budget of around $2,760 (+19% vs 2021).

"In Europe, the expected holiday budget is around $1,843 (€1,800) (+ $225 (220€), +14% vs 2021)."

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