Corgi Max Ready for St. Patrick's Day Wins Pet of the Week

This week we've watched the hilariously dramatic moment a cat and raccoon came face to face and delighted at the "best study buddy," golden retriever Cookie.

As well as some favorite viral pet moments, we've loved seeing our readers' pet pictures and videos. This week our Newsweek Pet of the Week nods to upcoming St. Patrick's Day with adorable corgi Max.

If you think your pet has what it takes to be our Pet of the Week, scroll to the end of this story to find out how to get involved.


Max the Corgi
Corgi Max all dressed up for St. Patrick's Day, left, and a picture of Max sporting a stylish tux, right. Patricia Sabin

This week our Pet of the Week is corgi Max who lives with owner James Wright.

This costume-loving pup was sent in by Wright's friend and partner Patricia Sabin from Lakewood, New Jersey, who told Newsweek that 9-year-old Max "loves his squeaky toys and long walks."

The corgi breed, perhaps made most famous by the British royal family, was recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1934.

Small in size but big in personality, the corgi has short but powerful legs, muscular thighs, and a deep chest. Surprisingly agile, they are also famed for their loyalty and loving nature.

Sporting a seasonal St. Patrick's Day outfit, Max brings joy to his owners who say he is "spunky."

"He loves his squeaky toys and treats," said Sabin. "He is smart and stubborn."


Elsa the dog
Husky-mix Elsa and her canine sister Gypsy Rose. Peggy Reavis

Our first finalist this week is part-husky dog Elsa. Now around 3 years old, she started life outdoors but now lives happily with owner Peggy Reavis and family in Omaha, Nebraska.

"As her name implies, two of Elsa's favorite things are snow and ice," Reavis told Newsweek. "Elsa loves ice cubes, ice cream, and fruit popsicles. Elsa was formerly in a house where she was an outside dog. Everything inside is new and exciting."

Despite her size, Elsa strongly believes she is a lapdog and can often be found trying to lay on her owner's lap.

"At the end of the day, she likes to snuggle on the electric blanket and watch TV with her mom," said Reavis.

Edith the dog
Rescue dog Edith who lives with owner Lakeisha Burkett and canine sibling Miracle. Lakeisha Burkett

Next this week is rescue dog Edith who lives with owner Lakeisha Burkett and fellow canine friend Miracle.

"Edith came from the shelter and is full of energy," Burkett told Newsweek.

A big fan of playtime, sleeping and going on walks and Edith brings joy to their owners.

Pepper the dog
Pepper the tri-colored cocker spaniel lives with owner Susan George and family. Susan George

Last but not least this week is tri-colored cocker spaniel Pepper who lives with owner Susan George in Redding, California.

Now five years old, Pepper is deaf but doesn't let that stop her.

"She is very spoiled—all she has to do is look at us with big cute eyes and she gets a treat," owner George told Newsweek. "We're retired and she is just the love of our life."

She recently had to have some dental work including having seven teeth pulled, but luckily her owners were on hand to shower her with love afterward.

"The picture is of her having breakfast in bed with mommy," said George. "They shaved both legs and it looks like she has fuzzy white slippers on."

Do you have funny and adorable videos or pictures of your pet you want to share? Send them to with some details about your best friend and they could appear in our Pet of the Week lineup.