Happy Corgi Completely Swamped by Sea Foam in Hilarious Viral Video

A corgi was loving life after being completely engulfed in sea foam during an epic beach front walk.

TikToker Matschulz filmed the pet by the ocean as they took a stroll along Byron Bay, in Australia.

The dog, named Tash, disappeared beneath the foamy waves, but luckily was still on the leash as she popped her head out and happily trotted back to shore as the water receded.

The short video, shared to the social media site earlier this month, amassed a staggering 16 million views, and can be seen here.

Matschulz captioned the clip: "Filmed Tash the Corgi in front of a wave of sea foam, which suddenly swamped her. She kept wagging her tail."

It also racked up more than 29,000 comments, as TikToker Stephanie wrote: "But like, his little trot through the foam is the cutest!!!!"

Natalie thought: "I just knew she had so much fun during that."

Athenatella pointed out: "It swallowed him."

Robbie joked: "Truly lost in the sauce."

While Liruscka added: "She looks so cute trotting through the foam."


Filmed Tash the Corgi in front of a wave of sea foam, which suddenly swamped her. She kept wagging her tail 😍 #corgi #corgisoftiktok #brave #byronbay #australia #beach #bubbles #ocean #bubbletrouble #dog #dogsofttiktok @gosia_plysa

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In the comment section, the owner revealed more information about the impromptu bath, saying: "It's sea foam, not water. Tash was on a leash so was best to pull her out. We would def have jumped in if necessary—we were more worried than her!"

Sunny Davis wrote: "The way u didn't go in to get him... concerns me."

Hayley Rita said: "My anxiety for the doggo!!!"

While Nikita asked: "Why would you even put your dog at risk like this."

Amid numerous people claiming they should have grabbed Tash, Matschulz assured everyone she was fine and still a big fan of the sea.

They captioned a follow-up video, which can be seen here, showing the pooch trotting along the sand: "Tash the Corgi one minute later, the beach still her favorite place."


Tash the Corgi one minute later, the beach still her favourite place #corgi #brave #dogs #australia @gosia_plysa

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The substance sparked a debate in the comments as well. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), sea foam is not usually harmful to humans in small quantities.

"Sea foam forms when dissolved organic matter in the ocean is churned up," they said.

Though they added: "Most sea foam is not harmful to humans and is often an indication of a productive ocean ecosystem. But when large harmful algal blooms decay near shore, there are potential for impacts to human health and the environment."

The NOAA said popping sea foam bubbles can end up irritating the eyes and "poses a health risk for those with asthma or other respiratory conditions."

Newsweek reached out to Matschulz for comment.

File photo of Corgi at the beach.
File photo of Corgi at the beach. A dog was completely engulfed in sea foam while walking on the sand. Laura Fay/Getty Images