'Pampered' Staffy Gets Full Pink Glitter Manicure From Owner: 'So Sassy'

A woman has given her dog the full glam treatment by spoiling her with a manicure and painting her nails with pink glittery polish.

Chelsea McKinnon regularly shares clips of her pooch, named Breeze, on her TikTok account, @chelseam93, and has created an entire series dedicated to her manicures.

McKinnon, whose page indicates she's Scottish, has shared various videos giving her pooch, believed to be a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, holiday-themed nails.

She previously created a Christmas look, with Santa and Rudolph, and a Halloween-themed set, with pumpkins and skulls.

McKinnon's nail videos have racked up millions of views, with her latest look, showing off a pink, glittery, color, amassing more than 12 million views.

She shared the same video to the site earlier this month, set to two different songs, as she captioned the original one, which can be seen here, "new nail day."

The on-screen captions explain: "Christmas is over! Time for fresh nails," and she added hashtags saying #breezethestaff, #pamperedpets, #dognails, #dog and #bougee.

The clip starts off with McKinnon filing Breeze's talons, before trimming the fur around her paws.

"Pink glitter this time," the captions continue, as she gushes: "Aw that tail wag so cute."

Breeze gets the full treatment, with her claws then going into a heat lamp, to cure the color, before a second coat is applied. "So bougee," the video continued, as McKinnon added the final touches.

"Finishing wipe, let's not forget that cuticle oil!" the text says, ending with: "So sassy."

In a separate video, fans quizzed McKinnon over how she got Breeze to stay still for the manicures.

She replied: "No I didn't train her got this, she was curious one day I was filing my own nails, so I done hers and she allowed me. And it went from there [sic]."

And McKinnon stressed: "This polish is safe for Breeze. I don't recommend this on dogs who move a lot during the process or lick/chew their feet. Breeze is not in any harm."

Shanetta Hodge joked: "That dog was definitely a human once‼️"

Bella admitted: "I can't even stay still to do my nails."

Maddy asked: "I'm sorry but how did you get her to sit so still........ mine won't even let me cut her nails."

Aislingfox16 gushed: "She is so good. What a sweetheart and beautiful nails."

Bobbi Berkshire raved: "How have you managed this????? My staffy hears the word clippers and runs for his life."

While Kirsty West added: "OMG You better WERK Breeze!"

Owners can safely paint their dog's nails, but they should never use polish designed for humans, and instead buy special animal-friendly colors.

Dog website, Rover.com, explained: "Never put human nail polish on a dog! Human nail polishes can be toxic for dogs if licked or ingested. That's why you should always select a dog nail polish that's specially formulated for use on pets.

"Similar to nail polish for people, you may need to apply several coats to get certain colors to pop better or start with a white base coat.

"Dog polishes also dry quicker than the kind made for humans (our four-legged friends aren't known for sitting still!) so if you mess up, be sure to use a dog-safe nail polish remover."

Newsweek reached out to McKinnon for comment.

File photo of dog getting manicure.
File photo of dog getting manicure. A pet owner has shared the sassy manicures she gives her dog. Aksakalko/Getty Images

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