Couple Shot Dead in Their Home With Toddler Found Unharmed Inside

A Georgia couple have been shot and killed in their own home by an unknown assailant, according to police.

Cobb County Police is investigating after Justin and Amber Hicks, both 31, were found dead at their home in Acworth at around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday.

While searching the property on Verbena Drive, officers found a 2-year-old child who was unharmed.

The toddler is now being looked after by family members.

In a statement issued to the press, Cobb police spokesperson Sergeant Wayne Delk said the double homicide took place at some point between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Delk said the shootings had been committed by one or more "unknown assailants."

He added that there was no indication the suspected shooter had remained in the area.

According to CBS46, Justin Hicks was a firefighter for Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services. The local TV station reported that he had recently completed his training to become a medic.

Neighbor Hannah Mabrey told WSBTV that the Hicks were viewed as a loving family who were well liked in the local community.

"They were just really sweet people, so I just can't imagine who did this to them. It's terrible," she said.

Mabrey also described how she had witnessed one police officer rushing the uninjured toddler out of the house before handing the boy over to his grandparents.

"I run up the street, they're freaking out and crying, and the police brings the child out holding him by his torso, runs him out, and the grandmother grabbed him, and the grandfather grabbed him, and they're crying and freaking out saying, 'Where's my baby?'" she said.

Any member of the public who has information related to this double homicide is asked to call the police on 770-499-3945 or email

Newsweek has contacted Cobb County Police for comment.

Another violent crime in Georgia hit the headlines this week.

On Wednesday, it was reported that a man was held at gunpoint after interrupting a burglary in Albany. He was forced to hand over his clothes, his phone and the keys to his truck before the assailant made his escape.

The incident occurred on November 10, when the man paid a visit to his ex-wife's house, only to find a burglar inside wearing one of her bras and a dress. The Albany Police Department has confirmed that a suspect has since been identified and arrested, thanks to tips from community members.