'Cruel' - Woman Slammed for Adopting Rescue Dog She Doesn't Want

A worried mom is facing a troubling dilemma after admitting she's agreed to adopt a rescue dog she doesn't want.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that somewhere in the region of 3.1 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters every year. Tragically, of that number, approximately 390,000 will end up being euthanized. However, many will get a second chance at life with a new owner.

In many instances, these pets will have learned the hard way that the old adage about how "a dog is for life not just for Christmas" rings true. For some people, the initial buzz of buying a canine can often give way to feelings of resentment and a realization that they are simply unwilling or not ready to care for a dog.

Suffering that kind of rejection once is difficult enough for any animal to bear, but one dog is now in danger of experiencing that rejection all over again - unless his prospective owner makes what some on social media see as a difficult, but necessary decision.

Writing in a post under the handle hotair1234, a woman explained that she recently agreed to adopt a dog to appease her 15-year-old daughter. The problem is that she doesn't "ever want to live with one."

She said she "grew up with big dogs" and developed an intense dislike of "the smell, the poop, the drool, everything." However she recently agreed to take one on to try and help her daughter as "her mental health has taken an absolute dive" in recent times.

Despite attempting to dissuade her, the woman said her daughter eventually "fell in love with a huge collie" dog from a local rescue center. So she agreed to adopt him.

The only problem is, she's already "completely dreading it." The woman wrote: " I know it's everything she needs and couldn't be more sure about the commitment but I hate the idea now, will hate the idea more next week."

The post sparked a string of concerned responses from others, urging the woman to back out of the planned adoption. "Pull out now," RobynNora wrote. "A dog is a lifetime commitment and kids probably won't help as promised and will very soon be flying the nest if she's already 15. That's really unfair on you."

Howabsolutelyfanfuckingtastic said: "I think it would be wrong to carry on with the commitment knowing how you feel. You have to be honest with your daughter."
VimFuego101 added: "A collie is a huge commitment, they're very smart and active. It would be better to pull out now than to have to rehome him later."

Elsewhere Chickpeaflour offered a different perspective, writing: "I would also think about the dog in this, not just your daughter. It doesn't sound like you'd necessarily love this dog and this would hardly be fair when presumably you'd be the main dog carer."

Whodoiwanttobe took a more direct approach, commenting: "Don't be so ridiculous! It's so cruel to do this... please cancel and have a massive re-think."

BohoInAcapulco also warned: "It'll be extremely traumatic for this poor dog to be rejected a second time if you decide it's not for you. Some people who are head over heels with the notion of having a dog end up regretting it. You openly hate the idea from the outset so please do the right thing and back out now."

Newsweek has contacted hotair1234 for comment.

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A woman looking disapprovingly at a dog.
A file photo of a woman looking disapprovingly at a dog. A woman has revealed she has taken in a rescue dog, but is already getting cold feet. Sjale/Getty