Customer Climbs Barefoot Through Drive-Thru Window in 'Embarrassing' Video

A video that showed the "embarrassing" moment a customer climbed barefoot through a drive-thru window has gone viral.

The video, which was filmed from inside a Jack in the Box, was posted to TikTok on Monday by King Avi (@k1ngavi). It has garnered more than 407,000 views and over 52,000 likes while highlighting one of the many problems experienced by fast-food workers in the past year.

At the beginning of the video, a woman—who is barefoot and wearing sweatpants—can be seen standing inside the Jack in the Box kitchen, arguing with employees. She then yells at the employees for several seconds, and even calls one a "b**ch," until she's given a packet of ranch dressing.

"That's what I thought," the woman said before making her way over to the drive-thru window.

The moment she disappeared from frame, King Avi moved around to the restaurant's front counter to get a better view of the woman.

"Did she climb through the window?" he asked. "She climbed through the window!"

Sure enough, the woman then twerks on the counter attached to the drive-thru window, before climbing through the window and into her car.

"Twerk for me," King Avi said as he walked away.

Between labor shortages and increased drive-thru orders, drive-thru times, in general, have slowed, according to CNN.

"A Technomic consumer survey found about 52 percent of quick-service restaurant orders were placed in drive-thrus in August 2021, compared to about 42 percent in January 2020," CNN reported, adding that the "quit rate for accommodation and food services" hit 6.6 percent in September 2021.

Sadly, Lisa van Kesteren, CEO of SeeLevel HX—which conducts an annual study of drive-thru lane service—also told CNBC that she didn't expect to see a huge decrease in drive-thru service in 2022.

"I think as people get more vaccinated, drive-thru ordering will go down some, but I don't think it will go down to previous levels because this heightened awareness of germs is here to stay and some people are just used to doing things differently now," she said.

Additionally, restaurant workers, in general, have experienced increased "abuse" from customers in the past year. A Snagajob-Black Box survey from October found that "62 percent of restaurant employees reported suffering emotional abuse and disrespect from customers."

With all that in mind, a majority of King Avi's commenters felt bad for the Jack in the Box employees.

"And this is the main reason why people no longer want to work in fast food restaurants and then act surprised smh," wrote Nona.

"Wow omg seriously it ain't even [cool] at all [you've] got to understand that fast food places are short staff[ed] so most of the orders will take a bit longer," said Rosie Fay691.

Meanwhile, KayyKayy said the woman's actions were "sad & embarrassing."

A video that shows the “embarrassing” moment a customer climbed barefoot through a drive-thru window has gone viral. The video has garnered more than 407,000 views and over 52,000 likes. Joe Raedle / Staff/istock