Customers Make Waitress Play 'Embarrassing' Game For Tip in Viral Video

The internet has slammed two customers who made their waitress play an "embarrassing" game for her cash tip in a now-viral video.

The video was posted to TikTok last week by katizahlee, who wrote: "Blessed a nice lady today." Already, the post has garnered more than 1.9 million views and 397,000 likes, while serving as an example of "disrespectful" customer behavior that many restaurant workers have come to expect.

"What you're gonna do is, any bill you pick, you keep," katizahlee told the waitress at the beginning of the clip.

Katizahlee and her dining partner shuffle a few different cash bills while their waitress stands with her back to the table. Katizahlee's partner then lines the bills up at the edge of the table and guides the waitress's hand over the money so she knows where to reach.

"Okay, go ahead," katizahlee said.

With her back still to the table, the waitress places her hand down and manages to grab a $50 bill.

"Really?" she asked. "Are you serious?"

The couple reassures the waitress that the money is hers and adds that she can also keep the change from the check presenter.

"I love you guys so much, thank you," the waitress said.

Of course, the couple wouldn't be the first to turn the tipping process into a game. Last month, a Redditor claimed that they'd recently gone on a date with a man who put $15 on their table at the start of the evening. When the waitress walked over to take their order, the man allegedly said: "This is your tip. Every time you mess up, I take some away."

Many commenters blasted the man for disrespecting his waitress. Unfortunately, the server from the story isn't the first to be disrespected by a customer. In fact, a study conducted by Snagajob-Black Box in October found that "62 percent of restaurant employees reported suffering emotional abuse and disrespect from customers."

In January, one Starbucks employee took to Reddit to outline the types of "abuse" they'd recently faced from their customers.

"Daily, we endure verbal, emotional, and sometimes physical abuse at the hands of our customers," they said.

With all this in mind, katizahlee's commenters argued that she should have just given her waitress the tip rather than force her to play a game for it.

"Give her the d**n money instead of playing games," said Zo Mama.

"If y'all wanted to bless her so badly just give her the $50 and move on," commented felicity.

One TikToker added: "Nah this was like disrespectful, y'all shoulda just given her the amount gracefully not out here making her feel goofy."

"This is embarrassing...just leave a good tip if you can," wrote mollyo.

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The internet has slammed two customers who made their waitress play a game for her cash tip in a now-viral video. Igor Vershinsky/istock