Viral Video Shows Customer Throwing Food on Ground in Starbucks 'Tantrum'

A video that shows a Starbucks customer throwing grab-and-go food onto the ground in an apparent temper tantrum has gone viral.

The video was posted to TikTok last week by Tones (@tonyags) and has already amassed more than 2.7 million views and over 180,000 likes. It also received thousands of comments from upset viewers, some of whom said they've noticed an increase in poor customer behavior over the past couple of years.

"I witnessed a Starbucks Karen firsthand today," said the video's narrator at the beginning of the 23-second clip.

In the video, a woman grabs a container filled with some of the store's grab-and-go food located by the registers and throws it onto the ground. When an employee approaches her, the woman grabs sandwiches from the refrigerator and throws them at the employee's feet.

"You seriously need to stop, dude, that's f***ed up," said Tones as the woman finally turned to exit the coffee shop. The video ends with two employees following her out of the store, presumably in an effort to ensure the customer actually left.

In the post's caption, Tones alleged that the woman threw the "tantrum" because she was previously asked to leave the store.

"People have become more horrible than ever these last two years. It's just shameful to behave that way!" exclaimed commenter Allison Mazza.

"They have, haven't they," replied Marion Tia. "What the h**l is going on[?]"

A May 2021 poll of food service workers revealed that "39 percent [of food service workers] were quitting over concerns about hostility or harassment from customers, and 80 percent had either witnessed or experienced such behavior over COVID safety protocols," stated The Harvard Gazette.

A separate study conducted by Snagajob-Black Box in October found that "62 percent of restaurant employees reported suffering emotional abuse and disrespect from customers," Newsweek previously reported.

This behavior, according to Axios, is purportedly a driving factor in the country's current restaurant worker shortage.

Despite how prevalent this type of behavior is, Tones' viewers were still shocked to see a customer lashing out at an employee.

"Like how old is she??? Who does that?" asked jazzie_elizabeth1023, in which more than 49,000 commenters liked the comment in agreement.

"How is she not embarrassed?" wrote Chloe.

Kristina9919996 added: "Like a toddler. Why? Why do we treat workers with such disrespect? WHO RAISED YOU?!"

Angry cafe customer
A video that shows a Starbucks customer throwing grab-and-go food onto the ground has gone viral. Drazen Zigic/istock