Cute Photo of Couple's 'Very Pregnant' Foster Cat Goes Viral: 'Keep Her'

An adorable photo of one couple's "very pregnant" foster cat has charmed the internet.

Posting to Reddit's "Aww" forum under the username u/JephriB, a man named Jeff said that his wife brought the cat home Friday following a brief discussion the couple had about fostering only a day prior. So far, the post has amassed more than 50,000 upvotes and over 800 comments from Redditors who congratulated the couple on their inevitable "foster fail."

A "foster fail" is a lighthearted term used to describe situations in which foster caregivers adopt one or some of the foster pets that are under their care, according to Pets for Patriots, a charitable organization that helps U.S. veterans adopt pets.

"When some fosters are caring for animals for an extended period of time it is natural that strong bonds develop that can lead to foster failure," the charity said.

Samantha Shelton, CEO and founder of Furkids Animal Rescue & Shelters in Georgia, told Chewy: "Foster fails do happen approximately 50 percent of the time, and in our organization [we] always welcome them! An adoption is an adoption and is always celebrated. We like to call it a foster success!"

In his post, Jeff asked Redditors to wish him and his wife luck as they begin their new journey as pet foster parents.

"Yesterday my wife asked me how I'd feel about fostering a pregnant cat for a few weeks while she gave birth to and raised kittens," Jeff wrote. "I was kinda busy so I mumbled, 'Sure, that would be cool someday.' Well, I was greeted this afternoon by a very pregnant cat. I guess today is someday. Wish us luck."

Attached to the post was a photo of a longhaired tortoiseshell cat.

"Awwww she's so gorgeous! I love her wittle black nose, she's going to have some really pretty babies!" exclaimed u/LazyAmbassador2521.

"Oh my goood she has a black nose. Don't usually see that on non-black cats, it's adorable!" added u/HotCocoaBomb.

"Keep her. KEEP HER," encouraged u/Mammoth-Peak1212.

In the comments section of his post, Jeff admitted that he was eager to welcome the new kittens, though, he jokingly asked Redditors not to tell his wife.

"Don't tell her this, but I'm so excited and I'll probably cry the day they are born, there's a good chance I also will when they open their eyes, and I definitely will the day that we take them back to the cat rescue to be adopted by other families," he shared. "I love cats, but I'll be d***ed if I let her know that! One of us has to exhibit some self-control in this relationship."

One cheeky Redditor under the username u/hubertortiz responded to Jeff by telling him that self-control is "overrated."

"Welcome to cat parenthood," they wrote.

u/xDaBaDee added: "You, my dude, are looking at a foster fail. Congrats!"

Newsweek reached out to Jeff for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.

Foster cat
An adorable photo of one couple’s “very pregnant” foster cat has charmed the internet. Ztranger/istock