Cyber Monday Xbox Series X and PS5 Restock Update for Walmart, Target, GameStop and More

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are being restocked for Cyber Monday, with at least one major retailer having confirmed that a drop is imminent.

The next-gen consoles were disappointingly elusive during the recent Black Friday sales, with only a handful of minor restocks taking place at outlets like Antonline. In fact, the situation was so underwhelming that the Xbox Series S ended up outselling the more powerful pieces of hardware, by virtue of just being more readily available.

Despite being over a year old now, both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are still incredibly hard to come by. This ongoing shortage can be attributed to a variety of factors, including a supply chain issue with computer chips and the fact that scalpers are hoarding units and then selling them on for extortionate prices.

Cyber Monday could feasibly be one of the last opportunities to get either console before the end of 2021, so it will definitely help to be prepared for potential restocks. With that in mind, Newsweek has put together this brief overview of where the PS5 and Xbox Series X are most likely to pop up today.

We would also recommend that you read this guide (with insights from reputable tracker @GYXdeals) for tips and tricks on how to spot restocks before they happen, and how to increase your chances of adding a console to your basket.

Cyber Monday Xbox Series X and PS5 Restock at Walmart

Walmart has confirmed that there will be PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks for Cyber Monday.

These will both be taking place at 12 p.m. ET (or 9 a.m. PT) and will be reserved exclusively for Walmart + customers. As such, if you want to order a console from the retailer today, then you will need to sign up for this premium loyalty scheme.

It's worth bearing in mind that you must be a paying Walmart + member to be eligible for the upcoming restocks. This means that you cannot cheat the system by just getting a free trial and then cancelling it once it's expired.

Walmart + costs $98 a year (or $12.95 a month) and entitles you to early access sales like this one, as well as unlimited free delivery on your orders.

Check PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks at Walmart

Cyber Monday PS5 Restock at Target

According to reliable console tracker Jake Randall (whose sources rarely steer him wrong on these things), Target will be restocking on PS5 units at some point this week.

It's uncertain if this will be today, as the outlet does usually prefer Wednesdays and Thursdays for its drops, but it is entirely possible that it will. Just to be on the safe side, we would recommend that you follow @GYXdeals on Twitter, as they will send out an immediate alert if there are any updates.

Randall has not indicated that Target will be replenishing its Xbox Series X inventory any time soon.

Check PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks at Target

Cyber Monday PS5 Digital Edition Restock at GameStop

GameStop has sent out an email to its Pro members, informing them that a restock of the PS5 digital edition is just around the corner. Again, there is no official confirmation that this will take place on Cyber Monday, but the wording does indicate that it will be "soon".

If you decide that you want to be in the running for this, you will need to join GameStop's PowerUp Rewards Pro scheme. Unlike Best Buy's TotalTech or Walmart +, the membership fee here is quite cheap at just $14.99 a year, so it might be worth registering in this case.

Check PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks at GameStop

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X Restock at Antonline

Nothing has been confirmed for Antonline at the time of writing, but the merchant was one of the few that actually managed to restock on next-gen consoles for Black Friday. As such, there is a decent chance that they will do so again for Cyber Monday, especially since they have yet to release any Xbox Series X units.

On a related note, Antonline already has a few bundles listed for the Xbox Series S. If you are happy to settle for Microsoft's cheaper model hardware, then there are some pretty good deals on offer here.

Check PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks at Antonline

Cyber Monday PS Direct and Microsoft Store Restocks

Finally, it is reasonable to assume that Sony and Microsoft's own storefronts could release new supplies for their respective hardware.

The latter already has a bunch of deals listed for Cyber Monday (most of which relate to laptops and PC components), but restocks tend to occur in the afternoon so it's not too late. As for PS Direct, the website is already promoting a link that you can use to register for future PlayStation 5 drops.

Check console restocks at PS Direct and Microsoft Store.

Where Else To Look for Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X Restocks

The above summarizes all of the concrete information that we have to go on at the time of writing.

However, just in case there are any surprise restocks for Cyber Monday, here are the links for the relevant product pages at other major U.S. outlets.

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