Dan Crenshaw Launches 'Whistleblower' Page Over 'Woke Ideology' in Military

Representative Dan Crenshaw has launched a webpage for whistleblowers to report instances of what he called "woke ideology" in the U.S. military with the protection of anonymity.

Crenshaw, a Republican who represents Texas' 2nd congressional district, has set up the facility along with Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) and announced the move on Twitter on Friday.

"Enough is enough. We won't let our military fall to woke ideology. We have just launched a whistleblower webpage where you can submit your story," Crenshaw wrote.

"Your complaint will be legally protected, and go to my office and @SenTomCotton," he said, sharing a link to the form on his website.

"With written permission, we will anonymously publish egregious complaints on social media and tell the country what's happening in our military," Crenshaw went on.

"For too long, progressive Pentagon staffers have been calling the shots for our warfighters, and spineless military commanders have let it happen. Now we are going to expose you."

It wasn't immediately clear exactly what kind of information Crenshaw is seeking and the webpage itself doesn't mention "woke ideology." Instead, it appears to be a general resource for people to report concerns and problems.

Crenshaw is a navy veteran who served SEAL Team 3 in Afghanistan. During his third deployment to the country, he lost his right eye when he was hit by a blast from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

Enough is enough. We won’t let our military fall to woke ideology. We have just launched a whistleblower webpage where you can submit your story. Your complaint will be legally protected, and go to my office and @SenTomCotton.https://t.co/4FstasB7Tm

— Rep. Dan Crenshaw (@RepDanCrenshaw) May 28, 2021

"We advise that whistleblowers use your personal resources and contact information when communicating submitting this form, and that you do not use your work equipment or work contact information. Further, do not submit classified information or other information barred from release through this form or by email," the webpage says.

The page notes that there are laws to protect whistleblowers but also warns potential respondents that "you still take serious risks when you report allegations of wrongdoing" and advises them to consult an attorney.

On Thursday, Cotton called on members of the military to contact him if they had concerns. The senator is an army veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"If you're a member of the military and being taught that the military is a systematically racist institution, that America is a fundamentally racist country, or that any race of Americans is inherently an 'oppressor' or 'victim,' I want to hear from you," Cotton tweeted.

Several prominent conservatives have recently taken aim at the military for what they've called "woke" policies, including Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Cruz shared a TikTok video comparing a recent U.S. army recruitment ad to one for the Russian army on May 20 and commented: "Holy crap. Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea."

However, the senator faced criticism for the comments, including from some veterans and Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) who lost both legs serving as an army helicopter pilot in Iraq.

"Holy crap. Perhaps a U.S. Senator shouldn't suggest that the *Russian* military is better than the American military that protected him from an insurrection he helped foment?" Duckworth said on May 20.

Newsweek has asked Dan Crenshaw and Tom Cotton for comment.

Dan Crenshaw Questions Witnesses in Congress
House Homeland Security Committee member Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) questions witnesses during a hearing on 'worldwide threats to the homeland' in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill September 17, 2020 in Washington, DC. Crenshaw has set up a webpage for whistleblowers to report incidents of "woke ideology." Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images