Dan Rather Blasts Anti-Vaxxers Wearing Yellow Stars, Says 'Learn the History'

Veteran former evening news anchorman Dan Rather has hit out at those who were pictured wearing yellow Star of Davids similar to ones the Nazis forced Jewish people to display during the Holocaust while protesting COVID-19 mandates in Kansas.

Daran Duffy and two members of his family were heavily criticized for appearing to compare the atrocities suffered by the Jewish people to vaccine mandates during a government hearing on Friday, November 12.

During the Special Committee on Government Overreach and the Impact of COVID-19 Mandates, Kansas state Sen. Pat Petey accused the family of "desecrating" the memories of the six million Jewish people who died in the Holocaust with their stunt.

Senate President Ty Masterson also said such comparisons are "inappropriate and bear no resemblance to the issues we are debating today."

On Saturday, Rather also condemned the actions of Duffy and his family in a strongly worded tweet.

"We have a dangerous rise in antisemitism. Meanwhile we have anti-vaxxers wearing yellow stars," Rather said.

"I was 14 years old when the concentration camps were liberated. The images I saw are seared in my memory. We have to cut this crap out. Learn the history. Fight hate. And Never Forget."

While speaking at the hearing, Duffy claimed that wearing the Star of David was not meant to be an "offensive" or "controversial" gesture.

"It's meant rather to be a reminder [that] everything Hitler did, every single thing that Hitler did, he did in accordance with the laws of his country," Duffy said, via the Kansas Reflector.

Duffy also claimed that if vaccine mandates continue to be implemented in the U.S., then citizens may experience similar atrocities on par with what Jews suffered in Nazi concentration camps.

"While this hasn't reached that level of deprivation, we're definitely moving in that direction," Duffy said.

Since you’re wearing Stars of David, Kansas anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers, let me quote Hillel: “The ignorant can not be pious.”
You may want to check out @AuschwitzMuseum to educate yourselves. pic.twitter.com/FzuoQYhb6X

— Julie Cohen (@FilmmakerJulie) November 13, 2021

This is not the first time such an offensive comparison has been made. In June, Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was forced to apologize after making frequent remarks comparing mask and vaccine mandates amid the pandemic to the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust.

In May, Greene said Democrats requiring people to wear masks inside the House was similar to how the Nazis made Jewish people to "wear a gold star" in order to identify them.

She then doubled down on her comments by suggesting "any rational Jewish person" would oppose mask mandates just like they "didn't like what happened in Nazi Germany."

Following weeks of criticism, during which she continues to make similar links, Greene admitted there is "no comparison" between the atrocities committed by the Nazis and guidelines to help protect people against COVID-19 after making a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

Dan Rather
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