D.C. Trucker Protest Meets Its Match in One Cyclist

The "People's Convoy" trucker protest was brought to a standstill on Saturday by a lone cyclist, according to a viral video.

Inspired by Canada's "Freedom Convoy" of truckers, hundreds of truckers and other motorists made their way to Washington D.C. earlier this month after traveling across the country to voice their frustration at COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other grievances.

The convoy has disrupted traffic and caused delays since descending on the capital on Monday, and has infuriated residents of Washington D.C.

But video posted on Twitter showed that the convoy apparently met its match in a cyclist on Saturday.

Loud honking is heard as the lone cyclist slowed the trucks to a crawl, according to the clip which has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

"Big powerful convoy slowed down by... a single bicyclist," ShutDownDC wrote on Twitter. "Shoutout to all the activists who have been tracking and f**king with this silly convoy since they got to the area."

Another video, shared on Twitter by Philip Lewis, showed a motorist driving alongside the cyclist and trying to speak to the man.

"Hey, what are you doing? You got a a bunch of trucks behind you," the person is heard saying in the clip.

The cyclist appears to struggle to hear the person over the sound of the honking, which he describes as "too loud."

"Oh, it's too loud huh? OK," the motorist says before the clip ends.

D.C. authorities warned on Saturday that "demonstration activity" was expected on roadways in and around the capitol on Saturday and that traffic delays were possible.

According to a tweet from Alert DC on Saturday morning, the Metropolitan Police Department was monitoring closely and "prepared to implement traffic control measures as needed."

In an update shortly before 5 p.m. local time, Alert DC said the police department had ended traffic control measures and roads were open to traffic.

Earlier this week, viral videos captured the anger of local residents at the convoy of protesters.

A video, posted on Twitter by Axios reporter Andrew Solender, shows some people in the street giving the middle finger at some of the trucks driving through the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Pedestrians can also be heard telling the truckers to "go home" and "f**k off."

In a dashcam video captured by one of the truckers, the driver can be heard saying hat people were constantly giving him the middle finger.

Newsweek has contacted the People's Convoy for comment.

Heavy traffic slowly crawls
Heavy traffic slowly crawls on I-395 due to the trucker convoy protest on March 18, 2022 in Washington, DC. Drew Angerer/Getty Images