Dentist Reveals How a Floss Pick Can Turn You Into a 'Major League Gamer'

A dentist has shared a video revealing how a floss pick can turn you into a "major league gamer."

Orthodontist Dr. Benjamin Winters, who calls himself The Bentist online, shared a video on his TikTok page on Tuesday, and it has since blown up.

Winters films himself looking in wonder at the dental hygiene tool, before he stitches a video showing a first-person shooter game.

He captioned the clip, which has amassed more than 5 million views: "I knew I went to 15 years of extra school for a reason! MLG [major league gamer] Bentist on the way!"

It shows the player blasting their way through various outdoor scenes, in what's thought to be the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game. The gamer dispatches their enemies swiftly, after using a floss pick, taped to the screen in order to line up their sights in shooting games. He added the on-screen caption: "Is this a legal dot?"

Often referred to as a crosshair, it can be added into the game through various ways by players, often by using a piece of tape and a black dot. The original poster, Csgogoezhack, shares numerous DIY crosshairs on their page, but it seems the brushing accessory has proved a hit with gamers and dentists alike.

Raving about the hack, Madeline May wrote: "Smartest thing I've seen all day."

Princssredheart commented: "No, that isn't cheating. That's genius."

"I knew these things were good for something," ArticleGaming001 joked.

While Nykozo raved: "This man is a genius."

Lost quipped: "Custom crosshairs when you're broke be like."

And Wyatt Ballard added: "This is beyond science."

While Jay suggested: "Cut off the stick part lol."

Csgogoezhack complied, and shared a follow-up video on Thursday, and used just the floss part as a crosshair, sticking it to the screen with tape. It produced equally effective results, as the sight allowed them to kill their virtual enemies with ease.


I knew I went to 15 years of extra school for a reason! MLG Bentist on the way! 😤 #gaming #gamer #thebentist

♬ original sound - The Bentist

Gamers were similarity impressed, as one joked: "You are the next Thomas Edison."

For anyone who doesn't have a spare flosser at hand, seasoned gamers revealed other—free—tricks of the trade to line up your sights.

"Pro tip: switch to a gun with a crosshair, mark it with a tiny dot of blue tack. Switch back to AWP or Scout. Ez [easy] no scopes.," Faux Rain advised.

Cameron Stander said: "I just put a little dot of prestik on the middle of the crosshair."

Reyman440 suggested: "Go on eBay and you can get clear static stickers for screen with reticule on it, been using for years!"

And Kieran.True666 noted: "Sharpie markers help too. Use rubbing alcohol to get it off."

Newsweek reached out to The Bentist for comment.

Screenshot from @csgogoezhack's video.
Screenshot from @csgogoezhack's video. A gamer shared his novel crosshair he made from a tooth flosser, and has been hailed a genius. @csgogoezhack