'Destiny 2' Arc & Void Configuration Puzzle Solution & Spreadsheet for Zero Hour

Destiny 2 added the Outbreak Perfected Exotic last week, and now it's time to get its Catalyst. In this guide, we'll explain how to solve the Arc and Void configuration puzzles required to get the first two thirds of the process done. Finishing and having a strong understanding of the Heroic Zero Hour quest is absolutely necessary. For more info on that, be sure to read our guide.

Destiny 2 Void Configuration Puzzle

The Void Configuration Puzzle isn't being featured at the time of publishing, but understanding its basic ideas is essential for wading through the Arc configuration puzzle this week.

Your first step is to get a special quest item from this dark corner early in the mission after clearing out the enemies in the area. With that item in hand, you now need to search for three keycards located in these specific spots.

destiny 2 arc confuguration device
You'll find the device required to start the quest in this dark corner at the start of Zero Hour. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Blue Keycard : Jump past the open area with the ship and head down into the vents. You'll come to this room with blue boxes. Behind those boxes is a vent you must shoot. A keycard waits at the end.

destiny 2 arc confuguration blue box room
The Blue Keycard is in this room. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Green Keycard : Get to this room that has two pipes on the outside of the wall. In this room you'll see blue and green boxes. Next to a large green box is a crawl space you can duck under to get the Green Keycard.

destiny 2 arc confuguration yellow box room
Look for the Green Keycard in this room. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Red Keycard : Once you go through the outside and get to this first room, don't slide down the incline like you normally would. Instead, go to the opposite side of the room in the dark back corner. You'll find the last Keycard there.

Destiny 2 red keycard room
Find the Red Keycard here. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Progress through to the Cryptarch vault area just before the boss fight. As seen in the image below, the room features three numbered consoles on the outside that lead to seven different color-coded rooms. Inside each of these colored rooms are seven possible panels to interact with. Your goal is to use signals from the outside consoles to enter 49 different codes in the allotted time limit.

destiny 2 arc confuguration vault layout
The vault features seven different rooms on the outside. each of these rooms has seven panels each. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

The consoles have two circles with 12 clock-like number positions on each one. Read the two dials, starting with the left one, to get two numbers. Take those two numbers and either consult this spreadsheet or input them into this website. That will tell you where to go and which terminal to hit. Just rinse and repeat 49 times to finish the puzzle.

destiny 2 arc confuguration circle layout
The two dials have 12 clock-like positions that point you to specific rooms and panels in those rooms. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Destiny 2 Arc Configuration Puzzle

The Arc Configuration Puzzle is more or less the same as the Void one. It requires collecting the same devices and keycards in the same locations as the Void mission.

After that, the only major change is your pathing through the solar room just before you enter the vault. Simply pass through the tiles in this configuration to make your way across.

destiny 2 arc confuguration solar room order
Use this pathing to get through the solar room near the vault. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Beyond that, the concept of reading the dials and entering codes is the exact same as described above. The only difference is that the arc configuration puzzle features 49 different codes to enter. For help with those, use this updated Arc configuration puzzle spreadsheet or website. Next week, Guardians will likely face a similar task with the Solar configuration puzzle. Complete all three puzzles to get the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst early.

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What are your thoughts on the Arc configuration puzzle and its solution? Are you on track to get the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst? Tell us in the comments section!