'Devil May Cry 5' Red Orbs: How to Collect Them Fast

Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5 are very important, so you'll want to collect them quickly and often. They act as currency for players to purchase skills and abilities for all their characters.

However, they also can be redeemed to purchase Blue orbs to increase your vitality, Purple Orbs to increase the Devil Trigger Gauge or Gold Orbs to revive your character. Red Orbs can also be used to revive yourself if you don't have anymore Gold Orbs.

So how do you get Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5? Here's everything you need to know to get Red Orbs.

devil may cry dante fighting how to get more red orbs easy guide


The best way to obtain Red Orbs is by defeating enemies. Taking down a demon will cause Red Orbs to sprout from their bodies.

There are also certain structures laid out around each level that contain Red Orbs. Break them and Red Orbs will pop out. Demon Tree Blood Clots are roots that contain blood. Destroy them will give you Red Orbs and sometimes open up new paths. It pays to explore each level.

One particular enemy players should watch out for are the Red Empusa. These creatures are those ant-looking demons that you see quite often in the early game, but these are deep red. They have absorbed so much blood that their bodies have become crystalized. They don't want to fight so they'll run away if they spot you, but if you can get to them you can keep slashing away at until they give up all of the Red Orbs.


Among other things, the length and variety of your combos determine how many Stylish Points you get and the Stylish Rank displayed on screen. Stylish Ranks affect your score on the result screen after a mission.

The higher your score, the more Red Orbs you obtain.

While Ranks can increase they can also decrease during battle. If you don't keep slashing or gunning your way against enemies, your Rank gauge will slowly decrease. If you are damaged during your combo, your grade will automatically be knocked down. You can see your Rank go from an A to a B with just one hit.

The best way to maintain an S-rank is through practice, especially with your evasions.


There are a ton of skills that you can learn in Devil May Cry 5 but there are a couple that will help you gather more Red Orbs.

Luckily, these two skills are shared by all three characters. Unluckily is that you'll need to spend Red Orbs three times each to get them for Nero, V and Dante.

The "Get More Orbs" skill costs 50,000 Red Orbs but it increases the range from which you can gather orbs. This is useful because in a battle against a horde of demons, a slayed enemy could have their Red Orbs on one end of the stage while you're busy taking down another. This skill will let you pick them up easier before they disappear.

This also helps for any you may miss from around the corner or if they are too high to reach.

Ex Provocation is a skill that gives all three characters a special taunt that will increase your Stylish Rank more than a normal taunt. This skill costs a whopping 3,000,000 Red Orbs.

Perform this special taunt and you'll get a boosted Stylish Rank by the end of the mission.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Have you had trouble grabbing as much Red Orbs as possible? Is there any other tricks we may have missed? Let us know in the comments section below.