How Jennifer Carpenter Returns As Debra in 'Dexter: New Blood'

Dexter: New Blood will see the return of everyone's favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan, but he's not the only original character making a comeback.

The franchise is being given a new lease of life after the original series ended with a distinctly lacklustre eighth season, which many fans felt let down by.

But now Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall) is back and so is his sister Debra, played by Jennifer Carpenter, despite her character being killed off in Season 8 of the original series.

So how will the character appear in Dexter: New Blood? Here's everything you need to know.

Is Debra still dead?

In Season 8 of Dexter, Debra was shot by serial killer Oliver Saxon, aka The Brain Surgeon, who attacked her after Dexter decided not to kill him when he had the chance, and instead let his sister arrest him.

While Debra survived the ordeal, when she was in surgery a blood clot caused her to have a stroke and she was then put on life support.

Dexter decided to shut this off out of mercy and he took her body and buried her at sea.

Despite this, Carpenter has been confirmed to be a series regular in the limited series sequel, and she will feature in all ten episodes.

The actor previously shared her thoughts on Debra making a return to the franchise, telling The Hollywood Reporter in 2013 she'd only do it for the right story.

She explained: "[It would take] an extraordinary script many, many, many years from now. I don't know if that's possible because people don't come back from the dead."

Dexter: New Blood doesn't completely backtrack on this storyline as Debra is still dead, but there's more to her character than that.

How will Debra be a part of Dexter: New Blood?

Debra may be dead but that doesn't mean she isn't still important in Dexter's life, so much so that he can't let go of her memory.

Having chosen to live a new life in the sequel in upstate New York, Dexter has made it his mission to be "normal" and has suppressed his urges to kill people.

The way in which he is able to do so is through Debra, or his own imaginary version of her, who essentially acts as his conscience when the Dark Passenger threatens to take over.

She is also the word of reason for Dexter whenever something, or someone, could lead his true identity to be revealed after 10 years in hiding.

Dexter: New Blood starts airing weekly on Showtime from Sunday, November 7 at 9 p.m. ET.

Dexter: New Blood
Jennifer Carpenter as Debra in "Dexter: New Blood". CBS