'Did Bill Burr Really Just Say That?' Mixed Reactions Follow Controversial 'SNL' Monologue

Reactions to stand-up comedian Bill Burr's controversial Saturday Night Live monologue inundated social media feeds in the aftermath of his performance Saturday evening. Burr, who currently stars in Netflix's animated adult sitcom F is for Family, is known for his abrasive, often insult-based approach to comedy.

His most recent stand-up act opened the second episode of SNL's new season with one-liners that touched up white women's involvement in anti-racism advocacy, cancel culture and LGBTQ pride. While some viewers responded positively to the monologue's content and Burr's comedy itself, others denounced it as insensitive and inappropriate.

"Did Bill Burr really just say that? Calling Black folks 'equator people,' White women 'b--ches' and claiming he never heard of Pride Month #SNL please do better," tweeted journalist Anita Bennet, a correspondent at Black News Channel, alongside a photo from Burr's set.

The comedian's monologue took aim at white women who "somehow hijacked the woke movement," ostensibly referencing Black Lives Matter and the national movement against systemic racism and police brutality that erupted across the U.S. after George Floyd's death in May.

"Somehow, white women swung their Gucci-booted feet over the fence of oppression and stuck themselves at the front of the line," Burr said, noting that he "never heard so much complaining in [his] life from white women." He went on to discuss Pride Month, designated to celebrate LGBTQ communities, in a string of comments that eventually drew comparisons to Black History Month, celebrated five months earlier.

"Tank tops! Zero percent body fat! Two guys kissing! I didn't know that!" Burr said in referencing New York City's Pride events in June. "That's what I learned, the month of June is Gay Pride Month. That's a little long, don't you think? For a group of people that were never enslaved?"

"I can't believe I'm able to tweet after clawing my eyes out," tweeted Vanity Fair critic Richard Lawson on Saturday night, amid a flood of comments related to the monologue.

Comments about Burr's performance were mixed, with some Twitter users saying there was truth to his quips, particularly those about white women.

"Karens on Twitter demanding to speak to SNL's manager because Bill Burr said some jokes while hosting SNL," one person tweeted. Others echoed the same sentiment.

"That Bill Burr monologue was f***ing hilarious," wrote feminist author Roxanne Gay on Twitter following the SNL segment. "And so well crafted minus the cancel culture part of that bombed."

Still, many reactions criticized the language Burr used while delivering his quips.

"Who told burr he, a straight white man, should try to tackle homophobia and racism in the worst way possible in his snl monologue?" one Twitter user said.

"bill burr makes comedy for contrarian white boys who think they're making smart commentary on the world when they're just homophobic," another added.

Burr has not responded to public criticisms of his set. After the performance, he thanked the SNL cast and creators in a message shared to Twitter. "No words to describe how much fun that experience was!" he wrote.

Bill Burr
Comedian Bill Burr speaks during the Netflix Adult Animation Q&A and Reception in Hollywood, California, in 2019. Social media users voiced mixed reactions to Burr's "SNL" monologue on Saturday night. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix