Direct Relief Checks Update: Millions to Get Up to $3,284 Soon

Millions of Americans will soon receive financial relief in the form of direct payments as high as $3,284.

High inflation continues to challenge the U.S., with the prices for food, gas and other goods straining the budgets of American families.

Some states are sending out direct payments to help offset the rising cost of living.


Alaska residents will receive $3,284 as part of a combined payout that includes the annual dividend from the state's oil-wealth fund and a special energy relief payment.

Governor Mike Dunleavy decided to release this year's Permanent Fund Dividend early so Alaskans "can receive sorely needed economic relief from runaway inflation," his office said.

"The PFD at $3,284, a total of $13,000 for a family of four, can go a long way in offsetting the record-high costs of energy and food we're experiencing, preparing for winter, paying off debt, saving for college, or any number of other purposes," Dunleavy said.

The dividend amount of the payout is $2,622 and the energy relief portion is $662, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Those who requested payments by direct deposit will start receiving them September 20, while others including those receiving a paper check will get their payments starting the week of October 6.


Eligible Californians will start receiving one-time payments from October.

The program—the Middle Class Tax Refund—will send out payments ranging from $200 to $1,050 to 23 million Californians, Governor Gavin Newsom's office has said.

Single filers who reported earning $75,000 or less and have a dependent will get $700, while joint filers who made $150,000 or less with a dependent get $1,050.

Single filers who made up to $250,000 and couples who made up to $500,000 qualify for at least a partial payment.

The state has created a Middle Class Tax Refund Estimator so Californians can input their information to figure out how much they are entitled to receive in their payment.

Californians can expect to receive their payments between October and January. Those who filed their 2020 tax return electronically and received their tax refund by direct deposit should get their payment the same way. Otherwise, they will receive their payment on a debit card.


Virginia is sending out a one-time tax rebate to eligible residents.

Those who had a tax liability last year will receive up to $250 if they filed individually and up to $500 if they filed jointly, according to the Virginia Department of Taxation.

A tool will be available on September 19 so residents can check online if they are eligible, the department said.

Eligible residents who filed their taxes by July 1 are expected to be sent their rebate by October 17 and should receive it by October 31.

Those who received a refund by direct deposit this year will likely receive their rebate the same way in the same bank account. Other eligible taxpayers will receive their rebate by paper check in the mail.

Other states including Colorado, Minnesota and Illinois are also sending out direct payments to eligible residents.

US dollar notes are photographed
U.S. dollar notes are photographed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 23. Some states are sending out direct payments to residents. Luis Robayo/AFP via Getty Images