Disbelief As Cockapoo Puppy Learns How To Smile on Demand for Treats

While people have likely seen dogs respond to commands to sit or roll over, one pooch has learned a trick like no other. This pup grins like a Cheshire cat—from ear to ear—when asked to smile.

The 7-month-old has delighted the internet and racked up over 337,000 views since January 22. The comical clip, shared on TikTok by user @creed_thebully22, has received over 32,000 likes and many users have flocked to the comments to ask the user how the command was taught.

How To Teach a Dog How To Smile

The TikTok account owner hasn't specified how long it took for the cockapoo to understand the command. But apparently, it can take just a couple of days for a dog to grasp a new trick or understand a word, according to Daniel Johnson, a dog trainer and owner of the training company Agility Events.

Smiling cockapoo
A stock image of a happy cockapoo. A video of a dog smiling on command has gone viral on TikTok. gemredding/iStock/Getty Images Plus

A U.K.-based canine dental health supplier has shared six tips to help owners teach their dogs how to smile on command.

Dogsee Chew warned owners, however, that it takes a "lot of patience."

  1. Be positive and patient to ensure it is an enjoyable experience for your pup.
  2. Know your dog's behavior to prevent teaching them to misinterpret a snarl as a smile.
  3. Rewards with treats.
  4. Pay attention to your dog's behavior—so when you see the dog lifting its lips, give the command and reward with treats right after it.
  5. Practice makes perfect so repeat the process by saying 'smile' and rewarding with a treat.
  6. Stay consistent and train them every day at the same time for the same duration of time.

What Do the Comments Say?

The clip captioned: "7 months old and already learning !! He is such a clever boy!" has gained a lot of traction online.

Responding to another user's comment, the original poster revealed her mom taught the dog and she is referred to as "the dog whisperer." The TikToker also tells other users the dog had plenty of treats.

One user said: "His smile made me SMILE‼️"

"How did you teach him to smile.... precious," asked another person.

Speaking from experience, another said: "I'm trying to learn my doggy to smile, she just licks her nose, your baby has a great smile."

Another said: "Why did I find myself smiling every time you said it?"

Newsweek has previously shared a number of stories that highlight a dog's reaction.

There are plenty of clever canines that seem to understand more than we think, such as this cocker spaniel who appears to be unhappy when he discovers he isn't going on holiday with his owners or this rescue dog who defiantly stands on his hind legs when told 'no.'

Newsweek reached out to @creed_thebully22 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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