'Division 2' Chatterbox Guide: How to Find Hyenas Chests to Get the Exotic P90

The Division 2 has an Exotic SMG called the Chatterbox that's essentially a souped-up P90. While its crafting parts are somewhat randomly hidden, we've outlined several possible locations to find the supplies you need. If you want a gun that fires fast and gets stronger the more you shoot, the Chatterbox has you covered.

In order to open the Hyenas Caches that contain each of the Chatterbox crafting parts, you'll need a small collection of Hyenas Keys. As explained in our Hyenas Keys location guide, the best place to find those is in any of the underground areas on the map. As long as you've played The Division 2 for a handful of hours, you've likely come across quite a few of them. You might also want to reach World Tier 4 as well to ensure that your crafting skills are as good as they can be.

First Piece

Start the Grand Washington Hotel mission on normal. When you get to the hallway shown here, head straight through. To the left is a bathroom stall with a cache.

Division 2 chatterbox washington corridor
Look for the bathroom just past this corridor. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

At the roof part, instead of climbing up, turn around and you'll see a cache to the right.

Division 2 chatterbox washington roof
From here, turn around and you'll see another cache. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Second Piece

In the Jefferson Trade Center Mission, play till you reach the underground parking garage. There's this loading bay in the back corner.

Division 2 chatterbox jefferson cache
Find this cache in the Jefferson Trade Center Mission. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Start here on the map.

Division 2 federal 1 map
Start at this location to find another cache nearby. Ubisoft/GosuNoob @ YouTube

Go through this door.

Division 2 federal 1 door
Go through this door and pass through the halls to reach the outside. Ubisoft/GosuNoob @ YouTube

Take a right down the well-lit hall and go through the first door on your left. You'll reach an outdoor area with a ladder nearby. Climb up. At the top, the cache is off to the left.

Division 2 federal 1 ladder
Climb up the ladder to find another cache. Ubisoft/GosuNoob @ YouTube

Start from here.

Division 2 federal 2 map
Start at this spot to find another possible cache location. Ubisoft/GosuNoob @ YouTube

Go down this alley on your right. Follow it to a ladder on a brick wall. At the top of the ladder to the left is a cache.

Division 2 federal 2 alley
Shoot past this gate and climb up the ladder to the roof. Ubisoft/GosuNoob @ YouTube

Third Piece

Go to this marked location and head to the police station.

Division 2 chatterbox fountain map
Start at the Judiciary Square fountains marked on this map. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

In the courtyard is this fountain.

Division 2 chatterbox fountain
From this fountain in Judiciary Square, a cache is close by. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Pass through the elevator shaft door on the right. Drop down to the basement and all the way to the parking garage.

Division 2 chatterbox fountain turret
Look for this turret in the back of the parking garage. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

In the back by the mounted turret is a cache. If not, there will be more caches in the general area

Head straight from here.

Go down a small alley to your left blocked by a gate. Shoot past the gate and climb up the ladder to the roof. You'll come to a door with a closed notice on it. Go in, climb the ladder again and you'll see a box to your left at the top of the ladder.

Division 2 judiciary 1 alley
In this alley is another ladder with a cache. Ubisoft/GosuNoob @ YouTube


Launch the Bank Headquarters mission on Challenging. Once you get to the part of the mission with the vault, you'll see this golden gate. Use the keycard on the right side of the door to find a cache with the lost Chatterbox blueprint.

Division 2 chatterbox gold gate
Just past this golden gate at the vault is the Chatterbox blueprint. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

As described above, it's worth noting that the Chatterbox cache locations are somewhat randomized. As such, it's technically possible that a cache won't be at any of these listed spots. If that's the case, you can either try again in 24 hours or search around the surrounding areas for another spot. While the spawn spots can fluctuate, they're generally close to one another.

The Perks of the Chatterbox

Once you've found the Chatterbox, here's a quick recap of its Perks.

Division 2 chatterbox perks
The Chatterbox has several great Perks that compliment its fast rate of fire. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Incessant Chatter: Every shot landed grants one percent rate of fire up to 60 percent. Resets on reload.

Box Magazine: Kills refill 20 percent of magazine and add a ten-second buff. When the buff is active, magazine capacity is increased by one up to 60. Killing a target consumes buff to entirely refill the mag.

Blabbermouth: While holstered, reloading your weapon within five seconds after a kill grants a 20 percent rate of fire buff for 10 seconds.

In other words, the Chatterbox gets more powerful the more you shoot. Especially when it comes to PvP in the Dark Zone, it sounds like this gun could be a real force to be reckoned with. That's all we know about the Chatterbox so far.

The Division 2 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What are your thoughts on The Division 2 so far? Is the Chatterbox worth the randomized headaches required to get it? Tell us in the comments section!

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