DNA Dilemma: Recommended Reading

DNA Dilemma is a weeklong project in which NEWSWEEK's Mary Carmichael tries to figure out whether direct-to-consumer genetic tests are worth the money and effort. For more information on this subject, visit the following links:

More of Mary Carmichael's Writing on Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests

Breaking: FDA Likely to Require Premarket Clearance for DTC Personal Genomic Tests

Would Regulation Kill Genetic Testing?

Your Genetic Profile, Now Available in Aisle 10

Genetics Is Good Science, But Is It Good Business?

The World's Most Successful Failure


The Genomics Law Report

Genomes Unzipped a personal genomics group blog mostly by geneticists, including several who'll weigh in here.

Blaine Bettinger

Steven Murphy

Thomas Goetz

Misha Angrist

23andMe corporate blog

More essays, articles, and resources

May We Scan Your Genome? (NEWSWEEK on the DTC phenomenon)

The New York Times's Pulitzer-winning series on genetic testing

The Personal Genetics Education Project

GeneTests.org, a database of available diagnostics

Letting the Genome Out of the Bottle, a New England Journal of Medicince commentary by our contributor Muin Khoury.

Natureon trouble in the personal-genomics industry.

The Boston Globe on DTC testing (featuring several project contributors)


Steven Pinker

Mark Henderson

Ed Yong

David Ewing Duncan

Boonsri Dickinson

Catherine Elton

Debbie Kennett

Cece L. Moore

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DNA Dilemma: The Complete Series

Monday: Is Now the Time to Test?
Tuesday: What Can I Learn From This Test?
Wednesday: How Meaningful Are The Results?
Thursday: Should These Tests Be On the Market?
Friday: My Genome, Myself: I Make My Decision.
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