Internet Backs Doctor's Decision to Quit After Vaccine-Skeptics Attack

One doctor's harrowing account of the ugly confrontation that led him to quit his job as a frontline medic has surfaced on social media.

In a post first shared to Reddit by a user writing as thanosrain, a man purporting to be a physician with over 30 years experience explained how the day-to-day grind of dealing with members of the public opposed to vaccinations against COVID-19 had proven too much.

"After more than three decades as a physician, the Q maniacs have succeeded in driving me out of providing care to patients," he said.

The medic said that while he had always been able to deal with patients who attended "Google Medical School" and often challenged his diagnosis, the "COVID and Q" crowd of "experts" had proven "too much" in light of what he had witnessed as a result of their refusal to be vaccinated.

"The horrific deaths are beyond what you might imagine," he wrote. "I have seen people struggling to breathe through lungs that have hardened to near uselessness, begging us in their ignorance to give them the vaccine now."

The doctor said that he tried everything in his power to treat these patients all while swallowing a "desire" to tell them: "This is your fault! This didn't have to happen!"

Yet, he said, the worst part of all is "the screaming" which comes "not from the patients, but from the families" who believe doctors are "part of the global conspiracy to commit genocide."

The medic recalled how these family members demand loved ones be treated with hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin. The doctor said that when they tried to explain these drugs are ineffective against COVID-19, "they snap that I don't know what I'm talking about."

Matters came to a head back in November while he was dealing with a "particularly horrible case" involving an unvaccinated 38-year-old married father-of-three who had had to have his foot amputated.

The medic recalled the "look of terror in his eyes" and the way the man repeatedly begged "don't let me die" and "give me the vaccine." But, as the doctor explained to him, it was "too late." Any chance of a final goodbye with his family was also wrecked when "they refused to wear masks" in hospital.

Worse still, the man's wife called the hospital and "ordered" the doctor cure her husband with "ivermectin and vitamin C & D."

When he told her this was not possible she slammed him as "ignorant." It was left to the doctor to then deliver the sad news of her husband's passing to the wife and her family in the hospital parking lot: but it did not go well.

"I did not manage to get the words of the sentence fully out of my mouth when I felt the fist strike my face and heard the screamed words 'You murderer!'" he wrote. "I fell backwards, tripped, and plopped onto the pavement, the back of my head striking asphalt," they recalled. "I vaguely heard the words being screamed about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine... I heard 'you could have saved him if you listened!' I tasted blood from the top of my lip."

Bruised and bloodied with a broken nose, the doctor indicated things could have been far worse for him had security not intervened. Deciding not to press charges for fear of retribution, the doctor said he "started looking for a new job the next day" and declared "I will never treat a patient again."

A grim account of life on the frontline dealing with patients and families opposed to vaccinations, the original Reddit post has already amassed 12,800 upvotes with many expressing sympathy over his decision to quit.

One user, posting as AJoyou, claimed to have worked as an ER doctor for 10 years before the pandemic prompted them to quit. "It's crazy out there," they wrote. "The burn out from dealing with people on their worst days and a monetized healthcare system that wants 'productivity' above all else. 'Move the meat.'"

Flat-Sound4435 commented: "I am so sorry. Thank you for all that you do and have done. I was in the ER (non-COVID) a few weeks ago and am still processing the horrors I witnessed there."

AnAppariti0n, meanwhile, lamented a state of affairs where "the internet and amateur experts" have "flipped society on its head."

"Covid has shown that average Joes simply aren't good enough to do their own research, that doing their own research literally endangers everyone," they wrote. "I have no idea what can fix this at this point."

Newsweek has contacted thanosrain for comment. Newsweek has yet to determine if the individual cited is a doctor.

This alarming account comes after research from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that approximately 163,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. could have been prevented by vaccination since June 2021.

It also comes in the same week a pregnant woman who had not been vaccinated against COVID-19 had to undergo an emergency C-section, several weeks before her baby was due to be born, after falling severely ill.

Another unvaccinated woman in Wisconsin, meanwhile, died just days after giving birth to her fourth child.

A doctor sitting in despair.
Stock image of a doctor in protective overalls. A man claiming to be a doctor on the frontline of America's fight against coronavirus has quit after an ugly encounter with a family opposed to vaccinations against COVID-19. nikkimeel/Getty