Driver Captures Devastating Moment 2-Week-Old Dodge Challenger Is 'Totaled'

A driver managed to capture on video the moment their Dodge Challenger was totaled, just two weeks after buying the "dream car" and one day after installing a dashcam.

The crash occurred on an intersection in downtown Phoenix on June 17, after a vehicle next to the driver turned directly into them.

According to the Dodge Challenger owner, it was their "dream car" and had less than 500 miles on it. The latest model of the car comes in at a whopping $51,000.

They shared the footage on the Reddit forum "Idiots in Cars" where it gained over 27,000 votes in just 17 hours. Now the driver has vowed to "never be without" a dashcam and dubbed themselves "so lucky" having installed it just the day before.

2022 Dodge Challenger
Media image of the 2022 Dodge Challenger. GT RWD with HEMI® Orange appearance package Stellatlantis North America

Footage showed the driver halted at an intersection with a red light. Once the light turned to green, they started the car and continued on, before coming to another green light.

The vehicle next to them on the far right lane suddenly turned left, seemingly without checking first, and drove directly into the Dodge Challenger.

Both cars spun around in the road, despite an attempt by the dashcam owner to swerve out of the way. Images posted by the driver showed the side of their car crushed inwards.

According to the driver, the other vehicle owner drove off without stopping.

"I would sympathize too had he stopped. Mistakes happen and I'm a human being just like him and I get it, especially after reading all these comments about how confusing the road is," the driver wrote.

"Since I drive it often, it doesn't seem as confusing until you look at it from others' perspectives and I can see what others are seeing. But as I said, he didn't stop. So f*** him."

According to, 80 percent of dashcam owners said it gave them peace of mind if they are ever involved in an accident, while 16 percent even said they are more aware of hazards on the road with a dashcam.

Unfortunately for the Dodge driver, despite having the evidence of the accident, the number plate is illegible in the clip.

"The truck was new and had one of those temporary papers on the back. Can't make out the numbers on it from the footage," they wrote.

The driver said they called the police and an officer showed up 30 minutes later. Now it's a case for the insurance company, but the driver added that the car seems to be "totaled."

"It's extremely devastating. I saved up 13k as a down payment and have never owned a new car before. It was my dream car: an all black scat pack challenger with the widebody. So scared I'm going to lose all that money," they wrote.

Although they didn't specify the exact year of the car, a 2022 Scat Pack Widebody comes in at an estimated $51,050.

The driver's situation appears to be a bleak one, but it's one that many said they related to.

"My record on a new car is 3 days under 100miles... Go back to dealer after the weekend, and I'm like, I need another one," noted a Reddit user, who felt the pain of the driver.

"As someone who's going to pick up their new truck soon...this makes me sad," added another.

Newsweek contacted the driver, who declined to comment.