Dog Abandoned at Burger King With Heartbreaking Note Given Second Chance

A dog that was abandoned in a Burger King parking lot in Monee, Illinois, has been reunited with his owner.

King, 4 years old, was found tied outside the fast food joint with a note paperclipped to his collar on February 28.

"I'm King," the note read. "I'm a good Boy, love to hug and kiss. Birthday July 22—2018."

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The Monee Police Department was called to the scene and brought the dog to the South Suburban Human Society (SSHS) the next day.

The Monee Police Department shared the story in a post on Facebook: "If you know where he lives, please contact the [police department] or if you're interested in adopting him he will be available at South Suburban Humane Society. He really does love to hug and kiss you too!!!"

The post was shared over 600 times and received hundreds of likes and comments.

The next day, a woman arrived at the shelter. "Our understanding is that she had seen the social media posts from the Police Department,"

The woman explained that, after suffering a major injury at work, she had had to move in with her family, who did not have room for a dog. "Her family member abandoned King without her knowledge and she is devastated," the SSHS said in a Facebook post.

"We immediately asked her if she would like to get him back when she got back on her feet," Emily Klehm, CEO of the South Suburban Humane Society, told Newsweek. "She was very emotional and of course wanted that to happen. [And so] one of our staff took King into foster care."

Klehm said that the shelter takes in an average of 75 pets every week. "With the economy and evictions happening regularly in our communities we serve, it's more frequent than it was before," she said.

"We have definitely made many happy endings happen but there are not as many as we would like."

King and his owner reunited
King and his owner have been reunited after hundreds of people donated to help her find a new home. South Suburban Humane Society/Facebook

A GoFundMe page was set up to help reunite King with his "fur parent," who was identified as J Cruz. The page has received hundreds of donations and, on March 6, Cruz and King were brought back together again.

A video shared by the SSHS on Facebook of Cruz and King being reunited has been seen over 12,000 times.

"I'm so glad to see more stories like this with shelters trying hard to keep owners and their fur family together," commented one user.

"That reunion made me cry," said another. "Nothing like the love for a dog and the love of a dog. So glad they have each other again."