Dog Appears to Eat Oncoming Traffic in Hilarious Viral Video

A dog's hilarious behavior on a car journey has gone viral online, and left many viewers in stitches.

Alex Hilt, known online as Alexhilt5, took to TikTok to share footage of his dog standing on the back seat of his car, head out the window.

Text overlaying the clip reads: "Anyone else's dog eat oncoming traffic?"

What does he mean by this? Well, in the video the dog can be seen letting out a singular bark at every car that passes by.

As the pet opens his mouth and the car flies past it looks as though the animal is eating it.

Hilt captioned the video, which can be watched here, with a simple hashtag, writing: "#dog."

The hilarious footage has so far been viewed a whopping 14.3 million views since it was posted on August 2.

The video has also garnered more that 3 million likes and 148,400 shares.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the funny clip.

One TikTok user, Wendy's Eating Show, wrote: "No wonder I haven't seen as many cars on the road lately."

Another person, Burt and Cren, joked: "I've been a veterinarian for 69 years and just wanted to warn you that if your dog eats too many cars, he can have horrible indigestion."

Lee had a suggestion based on a famous computer game, writing: "This needs a sound effect of getting a coin from Mario please and thank you."

Maddie explained: "I have a little wiener dog and she does this its so funny."

Gil Esau felt he could relate to the dog, commenting: "Sometimes I pretend I have a laser on my hand that cuts everything, and I just cut the car, not the trees I point my laser up when I'm passing trees."

Smithhhhxx exclaimed: "Dude! My German shepherd does this and I thought it was because he's not in the car a lot."

Jeremy joked: "You might want to try turning it off and back on again."

And in other news of peculiar pooch behavior on journeys, a clip recently went viral of a golden retriever sat between two huskies in the backseat of a car.

The pair of huskies are howling away, not in unison, but the video is made all the more amusing by the retriever's nonchalant expression, as if unperturbed by the racket his companions are making.

The footage was shared to TikTok by Chris Boudens on June 6, and has so far received a whopping 17.2 million views.

Newsweek have contacted Hilt for comment.

Dog leaning out of car window
A stock image of a dog leaning out of a car window. In a TikTok video a pooch appeared to eat oncoming traffic as he barked from the backseat. Getty Images