Dog Babysits Kittens for Owner's Cat in Adorable Video: 'She Trusts Him'

A cat struggling with the demands of motherhood turned to her owner's dog for help—and he was only too happy to oblige.

Footage of the feline mom carrying her kittens over to nestle around the paws of pet pooch Toby is proving popular on TikTok, where it was posted under the handle ljayne7 and has already racked up 9.4 million views.

While living alongside both cats and dogs can present challenges to the average pet owner, the widely held notion that the two species are incapable of cohabiting is incorrect. In fact, a 2020 survey of 1,270 people who owned both a cat and dog found that, for the most part, they get on swimmingly.

The survey, conducted by veterinary scientists in Italy, found 64 percent of pet owners polled had cats and dogs that sometimes played together, while 58 percent said their pets sometimes even slept together. A further 11 percent of cat and dog owners, meanwhile, reported that their two pets slept together every night.

Rather than living at odds with each other, it would appear that some cats and dogs have formed unique bonds. That certainly appears to be the case for Toby the dog and his feline friend in the video, which can be watched here.


She brings her kittens to Toby when she needs a little break 🥹#rescuecat #dogsofttiktok #catsoftiktok #kittens #fyp

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In the clip, the new mom cat is only too happy to drop her kittens off with her canine friend. Toby, for his part, can be seen putting a protective leg over one of the kittens who he cuddles close, while the remaining four gently paw at his tummy, vying for affection.

The video ends with Toby looking more than a little apprehensive over the babysitting duties at hand but nevertheless doing his bit to help. "She brings her kittens to Toby when she needs a little break," a caption accompanying the video explains.

According to Toby's owner, writing in the comments section on the video, the cat in the clip joined their family as a stray and immediately took a shine to their kind-hearted dog who evidently enjoys the company.

He's been helping out with kitten care ever since and his efforts have not gone unnoticed on social media. Patrick Long on TikTok commented: "She trusts him. He's a good boy." JustWatchingNotToking added: "I love seeing dads step up and co-parent."

Marshmaidens was similarly full of praise for the dog's efforts, writing: "He might not be qualified, but Toby saw those babies and he stepped up." Cindy Reifel, meanwhile, noted: "It's fairly rare for cats to trust dogs with their babies. these two must be very close."

Toby's worried expression at the end of the clip, meanwhile, spoke to many familiar with the panic of taking on that kind of responsibility.

Samantha Sippel said: "Toby looks like that uncle who has no idea what to do with a baby and gets handed a baby," with Rebekah Brown adding: "I don't think Toby understood what uncle meant when he agreed to it."

Newsweek has contacted ljayne7 for comment.

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A dog cuddling up to a kitten.
Stock image of a dog cuddling up to a kitten - a cat has turned to her owner's older dog for help in caring for her kittens. chendongshan/Getty