Dog That Bit 8-Year-Old's Face Still Hasn't Been Found, Mother Says

A mother has spoken of her frustration that police have still not tracked down a pit bull and its owner more than two weeks after the dog mauled her 8-year-old daughter in the face.

Ashley Adair—a resident of Lowell, Massachusetts—is demanding answers with regards to the search for the owner and his dog, which was unleashed at the time of the attack, WHDH reported.

"[The police] did look at the cameras from our neighbors down here and up the street but they didn't see anybody," Ashley Adair told WHDH. "Other than that, they really don't have any leads."

The attack left her daughter, Soleana Adair, with facial injuries and the 8-year-old had to be hospitalized.

The mother said a dark black or brown pit bull bit her daughter in the front yard of their home on the evening of June 8.

"Some guy was walking by. His dog was off the leash and she ran up to pet him for excited and, he must have been scared and he bit her," the mother told CBS Boston in an article published on June 10.

The mother said that the man with the dog just kept on walking after the canine had bitten the child's face.

The mother said that because the attack happened at around 6 p.m. near a busy junction—the Lowell Connector—it is likely that someone saw the incident.

"I just want to make sure that the dog stays on a leash, whether or not he's been vaccinated for all of his shots. I just want to make sure they all know that it's not OK," Ashley Adair said.

The child, who has autism, required 13 stitches on her face following the attack and had to spend several nights in hospital due to the wounds becoming infected.

"For her, she's handling it pretty well, which is surprising because she's very emotional and she's been strong for me too," Ashley Adair told CBS Boston soon after the attack. "Her face is infected. It's been draining a lot."

The mother said that her child's injuries are healing and the 8-year-old has returned to daycare.

"She's going to have to go through the rest of her childhood, most of her puberty with scars on her face and everyone is going to ask her what happen," Ashley Adair told WHDH. "She's going to have to relive it."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, around 800,000 dog bites every year require medical attention in the United States.

A spokesperson for the Lowell Police Department told Newsweek that the investigation into the incident is active and ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call the department at (978) 937-3200.

Update 6/28/21 9:30 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include a statement from the Lowell Police Department.

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Stock image showing a pit bull. A girl was mauled in the face by a pit bill in Lowell, Massachusetts. iStock