Dog the Bounty Hunter Says Former Navy SEALs Helping Brian Laundrie Search

Dog the Bounty Hunter has been joined by a K9 unit as well as former Navy SEALs and Marines as he continues his search for Brian Laundrie in Florida.

Laundrie, 24, vanished shortly before his fiancée Gabby Petito was found dead on September 19.

Reality TV personality Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, said on Thursday that he felt "real good" about how his hunt was going and expected to close in on Laundrie imminently.

Chapman has also contracted a private search and rescue K-9 team to aid in his search of an island called Egmont Key, which is off the coast of St. Petersburg, Florida.

"We got a bunch of volunteers," he told Fox News. "Most of them are former law enforcement, former Navy SEALs and Marines."

He added: "So, we're on the hunt, I feel real good about it."

Chapman and his team have been searching the islands near Fort De Soto Park, where Laundrie went camping with his family after returning alone from a cross-country trip with Petito.

On Thursday, Chapman confirmed that he had discovered a campsite and a freshly used can of energy drink in the woods.

When asked about the K-9 unit, Chapman said his team had had a "little bit of action" in one area.

"These dogs are trained to track the scent, the adrenaline of a human, not like a sock and find the guy, so these dogs are incredible."

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Brian Laundrie
Dog the Bounty Hunter and Brian Laundrie Dog the Bounty Hunter/MOAB Police

He added that it took a dog five minutes to comb through an area that would take him an hour.

On Thursday night, Chapman's team confirmed to Newsweek that the search would continue on Friday and that they were researching thousands of tips from the public.

"Dog does not care who brings him in, just that he is apprehended," a spokesperson for Chapman said in a statement.

Dramatic new bodycam footage of Petito has emerged, showing the 22-year-old woman telling a police officer that Laundrie had hit her, before revising her statement and saying she had attacked him first.

"He got really frustrated with me, and he locked me out of the car and told me to go take a breather, but I didn't want to take a breather. And I wanted to get going. We're out of water," Petito is heard saying in the clip.

Laundrie told the officer he simply pushed her away because she "gets worked up."

He said: "I don't want to try to defend myself by saying anything here, but I pushed her away."

Chapman has an anonymous tip line at 833-TELL-DOG for people who do not want to contact the authorities directly.

Anyone with information on Laundrie's whereabouts is asked to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI or 303-629-7171.