Dog Caught Enjoying Night-time Hot Tub in Hilarious Viral Video

A video of a dog splashing around in a hot tub at night has gone viral on TikTok, having surpassed 3.5 million views.

The footage, which was shared to the app by a DJ named Kait, known online as Klomusicc, begins with her walking by a swimming pool in the dark.

A sloshing sound can be heard in the distance and, as the woman comes closer, we can see that a medium-sized black dog is thrashing his paws about alone in hot tub.

Kait can then be heard interrupting the animal, who is clearly having a ball, by saying: "Sir, this is a Chili's!"—a popular internet response to outlandish behavior.

She captioned the humorous video, which can be watched here, writing: "Literally what is going on?"

The clip has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on September 10, having been liked by a whopping 606,500 people.

More than 2000 comments have been left beneath the video, with many people sharing their surprise at the dog's actions.


Literally what is going on?

♬ original sound - Kait

One TikTok user, Old Boy Nate, wrote: "He's having so much fun."

Another person, Chan, added: "Dude I thought that wasn't a dog for a second. Why did you scare me lmao."

Wontonmugus revealed: "I would have had a heart attack if I didn't have a flashlight," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

Tyler Belt joked: "I like how he turns like 'Oh hey didn't see you there'."

Brandon explained: "At first I thought the 2 little light reflections were eyes and this was a scary TikTok of something looking at the camera and smacking the water."

Josue Roberto Balder gushed: "Aww poor baby was having fun."

Maddi Blount typed: "The water said something to him."

Forestdakotaa stated: "This is my favorite video."

Kev commented: "He is signalling his friends to come over and swim."

Another dog recently went viral on TikTok after her owner posted a video the pet in a car, purportedly high on magic mushrooms.

In the footage shared to the app by a woman named Shannon, known online as Shnnsllvn, the dog can be seen looking out of the window, with the wind blowing in her fur.

The clip is captioned: "My dog just ate a wild mushroom and we just spent $140 for the vet to tell us she's high," before adding in the comments section that "she's never been more relaxed."

The video has so far been viewed a whopping 10.9 million times and surpassed 1.3 million likes.

Newsweek have contacted Kait for comment.

Wet dog wrapped in towel
A wet dog wrapped in a towel. On TikTok a video has gone viral showing a dog enjoying a hot tub alone at night. Getty Images

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