'Framed': Dog Raiding Closet Caught 'Blue-Handed'

They may be man's best friend, but that doesn't mean that dogs always listen.

Like this crafty canine, who was caught stealing a toy from a pet store, or this overly friendly husky who didn't understand the term "guard dog."

The latest pooch to go viral is a German shorthair pointer that was caught "blue-handed" raiding her owner's closet, and the evidence is pretty damning.

In a post shared to Reddit forum AnimalsBeingDerps (which can be viewed here) on Thursday 8 April, the not-so-dastardly dog's owner u/copperstateonthefly shared a snap of her with a bright blue coat hanger stuck around her neck.

They captioned the post "when you swear you weren't raiding the closet but the evidence suggests otherwise," and Redditors were willing to argue to prove the pup's innocence.

Merciless-Dom commented: "That dog has been setup. Where were you when this supposed raid took place OP??"

Seeker135 said: "Now, who you gonna believe, that sweet face or your lyin' eyes?"

To which copperstateonthefly replied: "Very innocent face haha very guilty necklace."

Despite the many viral videos of dogs getting themselves into ridiculous situations, dogs are intelligent animals. In fact, a 2021 study published in the journal Scientific Reports showed that dogs can tell whether a human's actions are intentional or unintentional (so pretending to throw that ball if you aren't actually going to isn't as funny as you think it is).

Another recent study tried to determine which dog breed is the most intelligent. The answer—border collies, as herding breeds generally performed better overall. Researchers believe this is due to their improved visual and acoustic abilities, the same traits that make them good hunting dogs in the first place.

The post has been upvoted more than 26,000 times and received over 100 comments from Redditors enjoying the closet raider's misadventure, and it wasn't long before puns started taking over the comment thread.

Ok-Net-6264 joked: "Was "framed" by that hanger."

Yallqwerty said: "Been coat red blue handed!"

CabbageWithAGun commented: "They were just hanging around!"

It turns out this isn't the first time the pointer has been caught sticking her head where it doesn't belong. Two years ago, copperstateonthefly shared a photo of the dog after being allowed to take her recovery cone off. Her owner thought she'd be happy to have her freedom back, but apparently not... She immediately put it back on again—backwards.

The post, which was also shared to AnimalsBeingDerps, was captioned: "Gets cone taken off, immediately finds cone and gets head stuck in cone backwards.."

The dog's earlier example of "derpy" behavior received 1,834 upvotes and 42 comments, with SoberAsABird1 saying: "It's called fashion Derek. Look it up."

While thatlookslikemydog commented: "'I've made a huge mistake.' Song of Silence plays."

All dogs are silly sometimes, but if you're concerned about your pet's behavior, you can try sending them to a dog psychiatrist.

Labrador in a shirt
Redditors jumped to the defense of a dog caught sticking her head where she shouldn't.. Brown labrador wearing a plaid shirt. Laura Read/iStock/Getty Images Plus